Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 927 - Envoys of Another Country (2)

Chapter 927: Envoys of Another Country (2)

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The Tianyun Kingdom ranked the lowest among the kingdoms on this continent because it only had two sage-level spirit cultivators! And the strongest spirit cultivator in this kingdom was only a sage-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator! So it was no match for those kingdoms that had sage-level advanced-rank spirit cultivators.

Therefore, the other kingdoms on the continent all despised the Tianyun Kingdom!

But why did envoys of the Lanxiang Kingdom suddenly appear here?

“Our emperor has heard that Master Ye of the Tianyun Kingdom has become a sage-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator, so he especially sent us to congratulate you!” One of the envoys smiled and said contemptuously, “However, including you, there are only two sage-level spirit cultivators in your Tianyun Kingdom, so you have the fewest sage-level spirit cultivators among the kingdoms on this continent. Even if you have become a sage-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator, you can’t change that fact.”

Ye Tian’s eyes darkened and he asked coldly, “Are you here to congratulate me or to make trouble?”

“To congratulate you, of course,” the envoy smiled. “If I was here to make trouble, I wouldn’t have spoken to you so politely!”

Moreover, he couldn’t beat Master Ye who was already a sage-level spirit cultivator. So he only dared to say something to make him uncomfortable…

“And this time, our emperor let me bring you a gift.”

The envoy waved and soon a few men who carried several boxes came out from behind him. They slowly landed and put the boxes on the ground.

“It’s heard that the Tianyun Kingdom’s land is rather barren, so our emperor ordered me to bring this gold and silver. I hereby send them to Master Ye.”

Indeed, the Tianyun Kingdom was not as prosperous as the Lanxiang Kingdom. However, what country would lack gold and silver? When the Lanxiang Kingdom gifted them with gold and silver, it was tantamount to insulting the Tianyun Kingdom.

“Our Tianyun Kingdom is wealthy enough. We don’t need these things. Take them back!” Ye Tian tightly clenched his fists, his face blue with anger. If the Lanxiang Kingdom weren’t so powerful, he would have given the envoy a good beating.

“We won’t take back what we have gifted. Master Ye, you don’t need to appreciate our emperor too much.” The envoy raised his eyebrows, “Besides, I have heard that the Young Mistress of the Ye Family is infertile, and no physician of the Tianyun Kingdom is able to cure her. How useless they are! Any third-rate physician of our Lanxiang Kingdom will be able to cure this disease! As long as you ask me, I will take your daughter-in-law to our Lanxiang Kingdom to receive treatment.”

It would take several months for the news of Jun Fengling’s pregnancy to reach the Lanxiang Kingdom, and the envoy didn’t hear the news when he left the Lanxiang Kingdom. Besides, he flew through the sky all the way without resting, so no one told him this news. No wonder he didn’t know that Jun Fengling had already pregnant.

As for the Ye Family’s dinner party…

He thought it was for celebrating Ye Tian’s breakthrough!

“Haha!” Ye Tian laughed sarcastically, “Your news is out of date. My daughter-in-law is already pregnant. Tonight, we are celebrating her pregnancy.”


The envoy was stunned. He narrowed his eyes and examined Jun Fengling up and down.

Was this woman pregnant?

But he had heard that the Young Mistress of the Ye Family was infertile. Could the physicians of the Tianyun Kingdom cure her?

The envoy raised the corners of his lips and said arrogantly, “It seems that the reason why Young Mistress didn’t get pregnant before wasn’t because of her physique. She just needed time.”

If Jun Fengling was pregnant, it proved that her body had no problems! She just needed more time. Anyway, he would never admit that the physicians of the Tianyun Kingdom could cure her illness!

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