Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 923 - Lin Ruobai Got Angry (2)

Chapter 923: Lin Ruobai Got Angry (2)

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Lin Ruobai raised her eyebrows, “Take care of my future life? How? Marry me as your wife?”

Xia Wen was embarrassed. “No, no, I’ll take you as my concubine.”

“Concubine?” Lin Ruobai sneered, “You are not even qualified to take me as your wife! What makes you believe you can take me as your concubine? Anyone who dares to say those words will end up as dead as a doornail!”

Indeed, Lin Ruobai’s status was nobler than anyone else’s.

The master of the Spirit God Mountains was her father, and Yun Luofeng was her master…

Who dared to take her as a concubine?

Unfortunately, Xia Wen and the other people didn’t know Lin Ruobai’s real identity, so they were stunned when they heard her words.

“You are just a maid. If you don’t want to be a concubine, then what do you want to be? A decent wife?” Young Master He sneered and approached Lin Ruobai again. “You are too greedy. That’s not good! Now serve me well and maybe I will forgive you for offending me.”

Smelling the disgusting aura of this man, Lin Ruobai frowned in disgust. “One more step closer and I’ll disable your legs!”

Young Master He took a step closer and said scornfully, “Oh, I’m one more step closer now. What can you do to me?”

With his good talent he had become a high-level advanced-rank spiritual cultivator at this young age, so he didn’t take this little girl seriously.

A cold gleam flickered across Lin Ruobai’s eyes, and she suddenly threw a dagger at him.

Slice! The dagger quickly slit an artery in Young Master He’s leg.


Young Master He screamed, his face distorted, and he shouted angrily, “Guards, get this b*tch!”

With her hands on her hips, Lin Ruobai said arrogantly, just like an unruly and willful little girl, “I told you, one more step closer and I’ll disable your legs!”

The Ye Family people finally heard the noise. Soon, a group of people quickly walked out of the Ye Residence.

“What happened? Jun Fengling, red-robed and gallant looking, glanced at the crowd and asked in a cold voice.

“Young Mistress,” Young Master He tightly clenched his teeth and covered his bleeding leg with his hand, saying, “this woman is a spy of another country. She wanted to sneak into the Ye Family with the Xia Family people to murder you, but I found out about her purpose, so I pretended to molest her and forced her to expose her real identity!”

Hearing him calling white black, the onlookers were dumbfounded. But they didn’t say anything. After all, there was no evidence that Young Master He was lying…

Xia Wen’s face also changed, because Young Master He’s words had involved the Xia Family.

“Mother!” At this time, a lazy voice rang from behind the crowd, “Why did you come out? There are a lot of people here. Be careful not to hurt your baby.”

Hearing this voice, the crowd quickly made way, and then a snow-white robed girl slowly walked out from behind her.

Lin Ruobai was stunned when she heard Yun Luofeng’s voice. After quite a while, she slowly looked up to the girl who walked to her, and tears appeared in her big bright eyes…

“Xiaobai?” Yun Luofeng paused and stared in surprise at the familiar figure in front of her. “Why are you here?”

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