Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 922 - Lin Ruobai Got Angry (1)

Chapter 922: Lin Ruobai Got Angry (1)

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“So she is just a maid.” The dandy emphasized the word “maid” and said with a smile, “But I never judge people by their status. I can also accept a maid.”

Since she was only a maid, then he needn’t be responsible for her…

As soon as he stretched his hand out, Lin Ruobai’s eyes turned cold. She tightly held the dandy’s hand, which was about to touch her face, and exerted a great force onto it…


A clear sound rang in the noisy night, followed by a shrill cry across the sky…

In an instant, everyone stopped talking and looked in the direction of Lin Ruobai, with a curious look in their eyes. It never occurred to them that someone would be so bold as to create a disturbance at the gate of the Ye Family!

Xia Chu’s face also changed. She just wanted to say something to annoy Lin Ruobai, but she didn’t expect that this woman would be so grumpy and attack Young Master He without any hesitation!

“Young Master He…” Xia Chu came forward and wanted to stop the fight. After all, nominally, Lin Ruobai was still the Xia Family’s maid. If she disputed with Young Master He, it would be detrimental to the Xia Family.

“Get away!” Young Master He raised his hand and pushed Xia Chu aside. His handsome face was twisted and his eyes were fixed on Lin Ruobai. “How dare you attack me?!”

He gnashed his teeth in hatred and wished he could beat the girl in front of him to death.

Xia Chu was filled with remorse. She did dislike Lin Ruobai because she almost crushed her into a patty and also made her brother scold her. But that didn’t mean she wanted to kill Lin Ruobai…

At first, she just wanted to let Lin Ruobai know the great difference between them. To the Xia Family, she was just a maid, but she never expected that things would develop this way…

“Brother.” She looked anxiously at Xia Wen, her eyes helpless.

“Young Master He!” Xia Wen’s face looked quite sullen, “Miss Lin is not an easy woman. If you hadn’t molested her, she would not have injured you.”

“Shut up!” The dandy snorted and looked at Xia Wen coldly, “You annoyed me many times, but I let you go for the sake of Chu’er! But this time, I won’t let this little girl go! If you insist on stopping me, I will send a messenger pigeon home and tell my Family to cut off the relationship with your Xia Family.”

Xia Wen’s face turned ghastly pale, and he tightly clenched his fists. If the He Family cut off their relationship with the Xia Family, the Xia Family would suffer a severe loss, which would be unbearable for him. Though he was very fond of Lin Ruobai and didn’t want the woman he liked to be raped by the beast He Fei, he couldn’t afford to become the sinner of the Xia Family!

“Young Master He,” Xia Wen’s face was pale, “I hope you don’t overdo it. After all, she is still young…Please spare her life after enjoying her body, alright?”

Young Master He chuckled, “Haha, Xia Wen, I didn’t expect you could be so sentimental and beg me to spare her life even now. Don’t worry, I just want to play with her and I’m not going to kill her.”

Hearing his words, Xia Wen was relieved. He turned to Lin Ruobai and guiltily said, “Miss Lin, I’m really sorry. Our Xia Family is a big family, and we have a lot of family members to take care of. I can’t be so selfish and let my family down! But don’t worry. Since he promised to spare your life, your life won’t be endangered! After he lets you go, you can go to the Xia Family to find me, and I will take care of your future life.”


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