Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 921 - Lin Ruobai (3)

Chapter 921: Lin Ruobai (3)

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“Okay!” Xia Wen stopped them and frowned. “It’s getting late. We should keep going. Otherwise, we won’t exit this forest before sunset. It’s too dangerous to stay here at night.” After saying this, he cast a strange look at Lin Ruobai. He really wondered how she managed to survive after staying in such a dangerous forest for so many days…

These days the imperial city was quite bustling and all inns were fully booked. In order to congratulate Jun Fengling, all the major powers had sent people to come here so all streets of the imperial city were crowded with people…

The much-anticipated banquet of the Ye Family finally began.

The night was silent. A bright moon was hanging in the sky, casting cool, pale moonlight on the streets…

At this time, compared with the lonesome streets, the gate of the Ye Residence was quite noisy and bustling. Ye Tian was so happy that he stood at the gate to greet the guests in person. With a smile, he warmly welcomed the guests who came to congratulate him.

“Miss Lin, this is the Ye Family.”

At the gate of the Ye Family, Xia Wen looked at the magnificent gate, his eyes full of envy.

“Brother, look, the door of the Ye Family seems to be made of redwood, which is very expensive. And the paving stones, oh my god, it’s jade stone!” Xia Chu cried in surprise. Her eyes were shining as if she was looking at countless gold.

Hearing her voice, everyone around her looked down upon her.

Where did this country bumpkin come from? How ill-bred she was!

Before coming to the Ye Family, Xia Chu told Xia Wen to teach Lin Ruobai some rules in case she would disgrace them with her poor manner. But now, Lin Ruobai seemed to be well-informed, making no fuss about it, while she acted like an idiot!

Xia Wen was embarrassed. “Chu’er, can’t you learn from Miss Lin? Don’t make a fool of yourself here!”

“Hum!” Xia Chu snorted, “Do you think she’s really that calm? Don’t forget, she’s a country girl from the mountains. I think she doesn’t even know what these are…”

Lin Ruobai glanced at Xia Chu, with intense disdain in her eyes. Were these things precious? They were just expensive. Every single brick and tile at her home was made of priceless treasures. Even the trees planted at her home could gather spiritual energy…

As a matter of fact, she didn’t even take those precious trees seriously!

“Chu’er, you’ve also come here?” Suddenly, a joyful voice came from the side. Then a well-dressed, handsome dandy quickly walked up to Xia Chu.

Seeing the dandy approaching, Xia Wen’s face darkened and he said coldly, “Stay away from my sister!”

“Xia Wen,” the dandy slightly raised his eyebrows and turned his flirtatious eyes to Xia Wen, “you don’t like to see that I’m on good terms with your sister?”

“You…” Xia Wen’s face changed and he turned to Xia Chu, “Chu’er, I don’t care which man you choose, but it can’t be him. He is a dandy and will never be a good choice for you!” Xia Wen said sincerely.

This dandy had already married dozens of concubines, and he changed woman like changing clothes. If his sister married him, she would certainly suffer in the future.

“It’s none of your business!” Xia Chu snorted, as if she was still angry about what he had done to help Lin Ruobai.

“Chu’er, who is this Miss?” The dandy suddenly spotted Lin Ruobai and his eyes lit up as if finding a satisfactory prey.

Xia Chu bit her lips. “She is our maid!”

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