Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 920 - Lin Ruobai (2)

Chapter 920: Lin Ruobai (2)

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Hearing this, the girl looked frustrated, “I came to find my master, but I lost my way here, so I could only rest in the tree for the night…”

At the thought of her master, the girl’s eyes turned red, with aggrieved tears in her eyes.

“Miss, would you like to go with me?” asked the young man, smiling at the girl.

The girl tilted her head and blinked. “Can you help me find my master?”

“Yes, your master’s name is… ”

“Well… ”

Hearing his question, the girl hesitated.

Master was always a trouble-maker and she must have made countless enemies on the Continent of No Return. If she told him her master’s name, what if he threatened Master with her? At the thought of this, the girl waved her hand and said, “I’d better look for my master myself, but I’m not familiar with this place. Can you lead the way for me?”

If it were the past when she just began to travel with Yun Luofeng, she might have told him her master’s name without giving it a second thought. However, during this time she had learned a lot and was no longer as ignorant as before.

“I don’t agree!”

Xia Chu was quite angry. “Brother, I don’t want this woman to follow us! This time we’re going to visit the Ye Family to congratulate their Young Mistress. We don’t even know where this girl comes from. How can we take her to the Ye Family? What if the Ye Family people feel offended by this?”

The young man paused and hesitated, “She seems to be alone here, and if we leave her behind as soon as we get out of the forest, she might not be safe. Let’s just take her with us. As for the Ye Family… we can tell them she is our maid. Then no one will pay attention.”

Xia Chu snorted. Knowing that her brother wouldn’t change his mind, she could only glare at the girl.

“Miss,” the young man turned to Lin Ruobai, “my name is Xia Wen, and this is my sister, Xia Chu. May I know your name?”

“Lin Ruobai.” Lin Ruobai curled her lip and answered reluctantly.

“Miss Lin, did you come here alone to find your master? What about your family?”

Annoyed by his continuous questions, Lin Ruobai answered sullenly, “My father farms in the mountains!”

Her family was really in the mountains, but it was the Spiritual God Mountain that countless people yearned for…

Her father did farm and fish in his spare time, so she didn’t lie.

“Oh, so your home is in the mountains?”

The young man was a little disappointed. As the heir to the Xia Family, he was destined to marry a woman from an influential family. Though he liked the girl, his parents would not allow him to marry her.

Xia Chu sneered and satirized, “Brother, I think we should teach her some rules of high-class families in case she disgraces us with her poor manner in the Ye Family.”

“Chu’er, shut up!” Xia Wen’s face suddenly darkened and he yelled at her. Then he turned to Lin Ruobai and smiled, “Miss, my sister is too young. Please don’t mind her words.”

Though he couldn’t marry Lin Ruobai, he didn’t want to make this encounter a bad one. He would send her away after she found her master. Thinking of this, Xia Wen felt it was really a pity. If this girl was born in a powerful family, he would certainly marry her.

Not pushed around by his words, Lin Ruobai snorted, “But I think your sister is older than me?”


Xia Chu angrily pointed at Lin Ruobai, her little face blushed, and she stomped angrily. “Brother, look at her, she is bullying me!”


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