Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 919 - Lin Ruobai (1)

Chapter 919: Lin Ruobai (1)

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“Tian’er, tell the whole world that the Young Mistress of our Ye Family is going to have a baby! And I’d like to feast all our friends in our family for congratulations!” Ye Tian laughed joyfully and strode out of the hall.

Soon the whole imperial city knew that Jun Fengling was pregnant, and even the imperial family had received the message and immediately sent someone to congratulate them.

In succession, all the major powers in the Tianyun Kingdom had received invitation cards and set off for the imperial city to congratulate Jun Fengling! After all, this was the only chance for these powers to establish a relationship with the Ye Family…

At the moment, in a thick forest, a young man and a girl were walking, followed by a group of guards.

The young man looked handsome and the girl looked pretty. They were not like a couple, but rather like a brother and sister.

“Chu’er, it’s not easy for our Xia Family to get an invitation card from the Ye Family. If we can establish a relationship with the Ye Family, our Xia Family will benefit a lot from it!” The young man’s eyes sparkled as if he had seen how his family rose as a great power.

“I understand, Brother.” The girl smiled cutely.

“By the way, Chu’er, I heard that there is a special person in the Ye Family who not only healed the Young Mistress of the Ye Family but also the Empress. If we can win her favor, our Xia Family will soon rise to glory.”

When he said this, his eyes lit up. This was the most important task his father had given him, so he couldn’t make any mistakes.


Suddenly, a figure fell down from a tree and fell right on top of Xia Chu. Feeling severe pain, she turned pale and cried…

“Is it dawn?

Her voice was clear and cute, and immediately attracted the young man’s attention. It was a girl of about fourteen or fifteen years old. She had bright eyes and white teeth, and her watery eyes were hazy as if she just woke up.

Stunned by her beauty, the young man forgot that his sister was still lying under the girl and gazed at her without blinking.

“You… get off me!”

The young man did not come to his senses until an angry voice was heard, and he looked at the girl in embarrassment. “Miss, I’m sorry, but you’re lying on my sister…”

“Oh?” the girl paused and noticed that there was a person under her. She quickly got up and said with guilt, “I’m sorry, I fell asleep and accidentally fell down. I didn’t notice someone was under me…”

Xia Chu wiped the tears from the lower corners of her eyes and got up from the ground, and her pretty face flushed with anger. She glared at the girl. “Are you a pig? How come you are so heavy? My insides were getting crushed by you!”


Enraged by Xia Chu’s words, the girl widened her eyes and asked with an angry look, “Who are you calling heavy? I only weigh one hundred pounds! One hundred pounds!”

She cast a contemptuous glance at the girl and said with disdain, “I’m talking about you. You’re so heavy, and you really need to lose weight!”

The girl was trembling all over. If she hadn’t just arrived in the Continent of No Return, she would have taught this girl a lesson! How dare she insult her!

“Chu’er, don’t be rude.” the young man gave Xia Chu a black look, and then turned to the girl and smiled, “My sister has a bad temper, Miss, please don’t mind it. By the way, Miss, why did you fall asleep in a tree?”

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