Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 918 - Agitated Ye Tian (3)

Chapter 918: Agitated Ye Tian (3)

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Ye Tian paused before continuing speaking. “As to whether he is your biological child or not, what difference was there? Jun’er’s has a good moral character, and her child wouldn’t be bad…” Therefore, he had acted as if he was unaware of anything and accepted Yun Xiao?

It’s no wonder he allowed Yun Xiao the freedom of not following the Ye Family’s surname as he was already aware that Yun Xiao wasn’t his biological child…

As he loved Jun’er, his father loved the house and its crow.

His father had accepted all these also because of him… What was ridiculous that he was unaware of anything and had even reproached his father!

Ye Jingchen’s felt sour in his heart. “Father, your son has been unfilial and made you endure everything alone! However, Jun’er is the only person that caused me to be moved, and I won’t give her up no matter what.

“Chen’er, if your father had half the resolution of yours when I was young, perhaps there would not be Ye Jingxuan’s birth,” Ye Tian lamented, “I understand your feelings to Jun’er, therefore all these years my heart has stood on your side. Unfortunately, I am too helpless and incapable of protecting you authoritatively and fairly! However, with Yun Xiao, no one will make things difficult for you now! His identity shall be buried in our hearts eternally!”

Ye Jingchen smiled, “Father, I’ve asked Xiao’er in the past if he was willing to accept the Ye Family. However, he rejected my offer! This child has great ambitions, and I can’t trap him within the Ye Family…”

Those two should fly to a wider sky and this dead-end continent would not be their final destination…

Ye Tian furrowed his eyebrows. “Yun Xiao isn’t willing to take over Ye Family? Then after you inherit, wouldn’t there be a lack of a successor?”

“Father,” Ye Jingchen had a smile on his face, “I have another piece of good news to inform you. Jun’er is pregnant and it’s twins!”

Ye Tian’s heart suddenly jumped and only after a long time did he forcefully suppress his frantically beating heart and bitterly smiled. “Chen’er, is there any meaning in deceiving your father? I sought for many famed physicians previously, and they all said there was no cure.”

“Father, I’m speaking the truth, Jun’er’s really pregnant. It’s Feng’er who cured her, and furthermore, this incident was planned by Feng’er. She was afraid that the child in Jun’er’s womb would receive Ye Jingxuan’s persecution, so she and Yun Xiao intentionally stood out to substitute for that unborn child and receive all the danger.”

Ye Tian’s breathing suddenly turned sluggish and he swiftly stood up from the chair. As he was too agitated, it resulted in his voice slightly trembling.

“This… is this true? You’re not deceiving me?”

“Father, don’t forget. The Empress’s illness was also cured by Feng’er.”

Ye Jingchen’s words undoubtedly caused Ye Tian’s agitated heart to calm down. His expression changed from it’s initial sluggishness to ecstatic and suddenly, he laughed heartily.

That excited laughter reverberated throughout the Ye residence…

“Great, it’s really great! I finally don’t have to worry about the Ye Family not having a successor! Hahaha, Chen’er we must thank Miss Yun and in addition, this brat had also taken on the danger for Jun’er’s unborn child. If it weren’t for her methods, perhaps without waiting for my coming out of seclusion, Jun’er’s child would have met with an evil scheme…”

Ye Tian’s agitated tears trickled down. How long had it been since he was this excited? Ever since determining Jun Fengling was infertile, he had always been worried about Ye Family’s future…


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