Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 917 - Agitated Ye Tian (2)

Chapter 917: Agitated Ye Tian (2)

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Before Ye Fan reacted, his pair of muddy eyes gazed at the girl approaching him in astonishment.

“Do you know what they call me in the Longxiao Continent?”

Yun Luofeng curved the corner of her lips and walked towards Ye Fan seemingly smiling yet not smiling. “They call me the continent’s number one dandy person. Do you think you could talk sense with a person like me?”

On the Longxiao Continent, Yun Luofeng could be considered notorious and had always been the type that took action when in disagreement! Therefore, one should never talk reason before her!

“Men, take Elder Ye Fan out to await punishment.” Ye Tian unsympathetically looked at Ye Fan and spoke expressionlessly.

“Yes, Family head.”

Having heard what was said, two men immediately supported Elder Ye Fan who was distracted and directly hauled him out, not even giving him an opportunity to speak…

“Chen’er, you can stay and the others can leave.” Ye Tian sighed helplessly.

Going through the unforeseen events during this period, he seemed to have aged over ten years…

Ye Jingchen frowned. He was unaware of what important matters his father wanted him to stay for but ultimately stayed. After a long time, there was only Ye Tian and Ye Jingchen left in the hall.

“Chen’er, I want to discuss with you today about you inheriting the position as family head in the Ye Family. After all these years, I’m tired.” Ye Tian bitterly smiled and his face revealed his exhaustion. Indeed, after all these years, he was truly tired.

Ye Jingchen furrowed his brows. “Father, I cannot inherit this position for the time being.”

“Why?” Ye Tian questioned in surprise.

Ye Jingchen shook his head. “My strength’s insufficient, and I’m unable to assume this huge responsibility. I hope that you could give me a few year’s time.”

“Alright,” Ye Tian nodded, “Then I’ll give you more time to prepare.”

Ye Jingchen sighed with relief after hearing his words. Yet, he had a hesitating appearance, seemingly wanting to say something.

“There’s no harm in saying what you want.” Ye Tian saw his hesitation and spoke while slightly smiling.

“Father,” Ye Jingchen took a breath, “there’s something I have to be forthcoming about with you. Actually… Xiao’er isn’t my biological son.”

Ye Jingxuan had been removed, and he no longer wanted to deceive his father. Furthermore, so what if Yun Xiao wasn’t his biological child? He had long treated him as his own! Originally, Ye Jingchen thought that Ye Tian would definitely be shocked hearing his words but alas, from the start to the end, the old man’s expression was calm and there were no ripples in his eyes.

“I know.” He spoke with indifference.

This time, it was Ye Jingchen’s turn to be shocked.

He… knew from the start?

Ye Tian swept a glance towards Ye Jingchen. “I am capable of figuring out about Yun Xiao not being my grandson with a glance. That child isn’t similar to you at all and furthermore, he was already quite old when you and Jun’er met! As for the reason that you went to Longxiao Continent long ago, you can deceive others but not me…”

“Father, since you were aware from the start, then why did you…” Ye Jingchen was filled with shock and puzzlement.

If his father knew that Yun Xiao wasn’t his biological child then why did he cover up the truth?

“Chen’er, I am the Ye Family’s head and there are many things that I am incapable of doing.” Ye Tian sighed, “You have no offspring and as a result, were unable to assume the position of the Ye Family head. Even depending on my strength, I was unable to help you and this is something that I’m helpless with as I’m the Family head. If you truly had a child, then those Elders wouldn’t supplant you and I could hand the position to you authoritatively and fairly.”

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