Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 916 - Agitated Ye Tian (1)

Chapter 916: Agitated Ye Tian (1)

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Ye Residence

A bawling sound could be heard from the hall and Elder Ye Fan could be seen making a complaint while sniveling, “Family head, you must uphold justice for me! Yun Luofeng that woman is excessively unruly to actually strip my granddaughter and tie her up to expose her publicly outside the City gates! Such an evil woman is bound to have sinister thoughts!”

Elder Ye Fan fiercely clenched his teeth and his eyes clearly radiated murderous aura. He didn’t believe that anyone could still shelter her after she had done such matters that caused widespread indignation and discontent!

“Elder Ye Fan, you sent your granddaughter to Feng’er, wasn’t it for her to receive mistreatment?” Jun Fengling sneered and spoke in sarcasm.

“What nonsense are you spouting!” Ye Fan was so angered that his eyes reddened. “Clearly, she agreed to Yue’er becoming Young Master Xiao’s concubine yet went back on her words. I understand now, it must be because Young Master Xiao had taken a fancy to Yue’er, bringing about Yun Luofeng’s jealousy!”

That’s right!

That must be the case!

Why doesn’t this malicious woman suffer from lightning strikes?

Just then, a grim voice came from outside the hall, causing Ye Fan’s body to freeze.

“Hanging her at the City gates and publicly exposing her was my idea! Do you have any objection to my orders?”

Hearing this voice, Jun Fengling raised her brows and looked over. Immediately, a man and woman appeared at the entrance of the hall.

The woman’s white robes purer than snow was flying along with the breeze while her pair of dark eyes were filled with a devilish radiance. Standing beside her was an unfeeling handsome man and the posture of both of them walking shoulder to shoulder was such a perfect match, so beautiful that one was incapable of not noticing‚Ķ

Ye Fan’s body froze, and his facial expression was exceptionally unsightly.

Just now, Young Master Yun Xiao said that it was him who issued the command?

How was his granddaughter lacking, and why was he so merciless towards her?

“Huohuo,” Yun Luofeng faintly raised her brows and a hint of a smile appeared on her breathtaking face, “Beat him up!”

“Yun Luofeng, don’t go too far!”

Ye Fan’s expression changed once again. “I haven’t committed any mistake so what reason do you have to beat me?”

“Apologies,” Yun Luofeng’s eyebrows slightly raised, “I’ve never required any reason to beat anyone up and the reason that I don’t see eye to eye with you would be sufficient.”

This time, not to mention Ye Fan, even others within the hall were stunned, as their shocked expressions were watching attentively at the breathtaking affront.

Until now they hadn’t experienced what was called rampant!

This woman was simply arrogant to the extreme!

“Family Head!”

Ye Fan turned towards the old man and spoke furiously. “Do you truly not care? How can such a vicious and merciless woman be a Ye Family member?”

Seeing Ye Fan’s distorted face, Huohuo couldn’t help but giggle. “I’m afraid this old man wouldn’t care about this matter! You’ve totally found the wrong person if you’re thinking of using him to suppress my sister!”

What happened in the Imperial Palace was only partly known by outsiders and another portion had been restricted by the Emperor along with the Ye Family’s Head, so no one dared to spread it around. The other portion was related to Huohuo’s identity‚Ķ

Therefore, Ye Fan was unaware that the little girl before him was someone even Ye Tian had to respect!

“A little kid like you should scram out of the way!” Ye Fan sternly shouted with rage.

Huohuo narrowed her large eyes and a dangerous glint flashed through, “No one dares to be as impudent as you are to me, your ancestor!”

Ye Fan was angered by Huohuo’s arrogance and when he wanted to continue rebuking, a sharp and clear slap suddenly landed and caused his entire being to be knocked silly. Without waiting for him to recover his senses, Huohuo’s feet suddenly trampled over him and he was sent flying with a bang.


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