Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 912 - Punishment (3)

Chapter 912: Punishment (3)

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The sun poured down on the girl’s snow-white robe.

A girl was leaning against the doorframe, her arms crossed on her chest, her look languid and wicked, and she looked at Elder Ye Fan with a faint smile.

“You want to gift your granddaughter to Yun Xiao?”

Seeing that Yun Xiao’s wife had come, Ye Fan still put on airs. He stuck his chest out and said self-righteously, “Yes! You, as a woman, should be a little more generous. Don’t try to stop your husband from taking concubines like your mother-in-law!”

“Good!” Yun Luofeng glanced at Ye Fan, “If you want to gift your granddaughter to Yun Xiao, you can do it, and I can handle it, but… you’d better not regret it! Saying this, she straightened up and walked away.

Not stopping Yun Luofeng, Jun Fengling cast a sympathetic glance at Ye Fan and a gloating smile appeared on her lips. She knew someone was going to have a hard time!

Unfortunately, Ye Fan didn’t know Yun Luofeng and assumed that she had agreed with this, so he was quite delighted and cast a contemptuous glance at Jun Fengling. “Young Mistress, you should learn from your daughter-in-law. Don’t behave like a jealous woman!”

Ignoring him, Jun Fengling turned to Ye Jingchen. The couple exchanged glances with each other. “Brother Ye, I think I really should learn from Feng’er… ”

Learn how to teach these people a lesson and let them remember never to provoke her!

Hearing her words, Ye Fan thought that Jun Fengling had taken his advice, so he smiled complacently.

The courtyard where Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao lived was in the middle of the Ye Family and was the best place of the whole Ye Family!

At the moment, a girl in a gauze dress appeared outside the door. She looked around, her eyes envious. Even her grandfather, an elder of the Ye Family, couldn’t live in such a nice yard. In particular, the trees in this courtyard that could bring tranquility to the mind were an invaluable treasure for cultivation…

“Miss Xiaoyue.” Then a maid of the Ye Family slowly walked out of the courtyard and said, “Miss Yun agreed to let you in!”

Ye Xiaoyue took her eyes back, raised her head arrogantly, and walked into the courtyard like a proud phoenix.

Behind her, the maid couldn’t bear her presumptuous manner. She was full of disdain and whispered to another maid beside her, “How dare she come to Young Master Yun Xiao and Miss Yun’s courtyard dressed like that? Does she think that no one knows what she wants to do? Young Master Yun Xiao loves Miss Yun so much. It’s impossible for him to fall in love with a woman like her!” Although Ye Xiaoyue was the granddaughter of Elder Ye Fan, she was Ye Jingchen’s maid. As she was protected by Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling, she wasn’t afraid of offending Ye Xiaoyue.

Hearing the maid’s words, Ye Xiaoyue was enraged. If it were in the past she would have come up to slap her, but now she was in Yun Xiao’s courtyard so she had to maintain her image! Thinking of this, Ye Xiaoyue restrained her inner anger and walked away arrogantly.

After she became Young Master Yun Xiao’s woman, she would teach these maids a good lesson! How could they be so disrespectful of their future mistress?!

The courtyard was covered with maple leaves.

Ye Xiaoyue saw a gorgeous girl lying on a chaise lounge at the other end of the courtyard. Though she was also a woman, she was shocked by the beauty of the girl, and then was extremely jealous of her.

With such a beautiful wife, would Young Master Yun Xiao still love her? However, no matter how Young Master Yun Xiao would treat her, she just wanted to be his wife!


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