Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 911 - Punishment (2)

Chapter 911: Punishment (2)

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Besides, over the years, many elders had allied with Ye Jingxuan. If Ye Jingchen became the new Master, he would definitely purge the Ye Family! They would lose everything they had gained at that time! So the best choice was to make Ye Tianwen the next Master.

Sitting on the first seat, Ye Tian coldly glanced at the crowd with an aloof demeanor, “Do you think Tianwen knew nothing about what Ye Jingxuan had done? How could such a narrow-minded man become the next Master? So, I’ve decided to make Chen’er the next Master of the Ye Family again.”

“Master!” The elders all gasped and said hastily, “It’s not proper… ”


Ye Tian pounded his hands against the table, making a great sound.

“Not proper? What’s not proper? You previously deprived him of this position with the excuse that his wife was infertile, but now what’s your reason?”

The elders looked at each other, knowing that their days had passed, and they had to give up the idea of making Ye Tianwen the next Master.

At this time, one of the elders stood up. He rolled his eyes and said with a fake smile, “Now that Master Jingchen will become the next Master, Young Master Yun Xiao becomes the heir to our family. So, I have an idea. I heard that Young Master Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng haven’t been married. The heirs to influential families usually take several concubines before their marriage. Yun Xiao, as the heir to the Ye Family, should father as many children as possible for the Ye Family! Master, please choose some concubines for him!

Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen, sitting on the side, had been angered by his words, but they didn’t say anything out of respect for Ye Tian. Seeing them try to make trouble for Yun Xiao, they almost couldn’t suppress the rage in their hearts.

“It seems that Elder Fan has already found a candidate?” Jun Fengling slightly raised her eyebrows, a scornful and contemptuous smile over her red lips.

Ye Fan raised his chest up. “Exactly! I do have a candidate! She is my granddaughter, Ye Xiaoyue. My granddaughter is lively and lovely, and her appearance is no worse than Yun Luofeng’s. It’s more than enough for her to be Young Master Xiao’s concubine!”

Jun Fengling smiled. Her smile was so beautiful, like a rose in bloom.

“Ye Xiaoyue? I’ve seen that girl. Elder Fan, are you too narcissistic or is there something wrong with your brain? How can such a woman be compared with my daughter-in-law? How dare you claim that her looks are no worse than Feng’er’s!”

“Tell me, how can she be compared with Feng’er? She doesn’t even deserve to be Feng’er’s maid!” Jun Fengling pounded her hand against the table, her eyes wide open, “With me here, none of you can force Xiao’er to take a concubine!”

Ye Fan’s face changed. His relationship with Ye Jingchen was terrible. If he couldn’t establish a marital relationship with him, he would soon lose his position in the Ye Family!

“Young Mistress, this is man’s business. As a woman, you simply have no say in this matter!” Ye Fan’s face darkened. “You stopped Ye Jingchen from taking concubines before, and now you are doing it to Young Master Yun Xiao again! What’s your purpose? Don’t you want your son to have many children?”

Jun Fengling sneered, “As his mother, of course I hope my son will have many children, but his children can only be born to Yun Luofeng!”

She meant that she did hope that her son would have as many children as possible, but all the children had to be Yun Luofeng’s…

Ye Fan’s face turned blacker. Just at the moment, the door of the conference room was pushed open.


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