Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 909 - Ancestor Fox

Chapter 909: Ancestor Fox
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Ye Feifan was the person who founded the Ye Family and specified the Ye Family’s mission as protecting one person!

Since she knew the ancestor’s name, then she…

“B*tch, I told you to get out of my way, didn’t you hear me?” Ye Jingxuan angrily shouted and was going to give Huohuo a good beating.

Suddenly Huohuo looked up at him…

Her stare shook his soul and made his heart shiver. A wave of fear immediately swept through him.

“You were talking about me, and now you’re letting me go?”

Huohuo smiled. Under her innocent face, there hid a demonic smile.

“And you used my name to threaten people? What I hate most is to be taken advantage of by people!”

Ye Jingxuan was stunned.

What did the little girl mean?

Used her name to threaten people?

I only mentioned the fox with a broken tail…

Suddenly, Ye Jingxuan figured out what she meant. His face turned pale, and he turned his frightened eyes to the little girl who was smiling like a demon.

“Are… are you that fox? That’s impossible! You are lying to me! You must be lying to me!”

“Shut up!”

Shouting angrily, Ye Tian gave Ye Jingxuan a slap and ordered, “Kneel down to Ancestor Fox!”

Not only Ye Jingxuan, but Huohuo was also stunned…

She was worried that Ye Tian would attack Ye Jingchen, so she told them who she was to smash the plot of Ye Jingxuan. As to whether Ye Tian was hostile to them or not…

She hadn’t considered it.

But as Ye Tian was the descendant of Ye Feifan, his intention should be finding her, not harming her. But what did the title of Ancestor Fox mean? When did she become their ancestor?

“Father, don’t be deceived by this girl!” Ye Jingxuan said angrily, “If she is really Ancestor Fox, why does she always follow Yun Luofeng like a servant? Ancestor Fox certainly wouldn’t yield to a person like Yun Luofeng.

Seeing that Ye Jingxuan not only questioned her words but also humiliated Yun Luofeng, Huohuo was enraged. Once she became angry, she was totally reckless.

“How dare you suspect me, your Ancestor Fox? Go to hell!”

Because Ye Tian called her Ancestor Fox, now Huohuo just regarded herself as Ancestor Fox and even called herself that. At the same time, her dark eyes turned red with two flames burning in them, her long dark hair wildly fluttering in a fierce wind. Then, eight tails that were fluffy and soft but shockingly beautiful stretched out behind her.


Ye Jingxuan, who had looked disdainful just now, turned his eyes up and fainted after seeing the eight tails of Huohuo. This time, Ye Jingxuan didn’t pretend but really fainted. He thought he could grasp the last straw, but he didn’t expect that this straw would kill him! However, he was soon awakened by flames that were burning him, and he rolled around in pain, uttering dreary cries and screams.

“Ah!!!!!! Help! Father! I know I was wrong. Please help me. I really know I was wrong… ”

Ye Tian was really hurt by Ye Jingxuan. After hearing his plea for mercy, he just closed his eyes, his face filled with disappointment and grief.

“Huohuo, you’re too reckless.” Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows. “Did you forget what I told you when I left you here?”

Huohuo puckered her mouth in grief. “Master, I did this because Ye Jingxuan had the nerve to threaten the Ye Family’s old man with my name! I couldn’t control my temper! But the Ye Family’s old man is also to blame!”

Ye Tian blinked, “Did I do anything wrong?”

Huohuo gave him a black look, “Why didn’t you tell me that I was the Ancestor Fox of the Ye Family earlier? If I had known that I had this identity, my master wouldn’t have had to suffer in the Ye Family! It’s all your fault!”

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