Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 908 - Tragic Ye Jingxuan (3)

Chapter 908: Tragic Ye Jingxuan (3)

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That was even more impossible!

He would never admit to his mistakes!

Ye Tian’s smile became increasingly bitter and constricted while he simply shut his eyes and no longer looked at Ye Jingxuan’s distorted face.

“Father!” Ye Jingxuan’s eyes swiveled and he clenched his teeth. “You have to save me even if you aren’t willing! Because I know the whereabouts of the eight-tailed fox you tasked me to find!”

“What did you say?” Ye Tian suddenly opened his eyes as his breathing became hurried, “You have that fox’s whereabouts?” Tell me where she is!”

Ye Jingxuan sneered. “Hand the authority of Ye Family to me and in addition, kill Yun Xiao and Elder Ye Xiang in place of me and I will tell you her whereabouts!”

In Ye Jingxuan’s eyes, the only person he couldn’t control in Ye Family was Elder Ye Xiang, thus he had to die!

As for Yun Xiao…

This lad was too strong and would be a disaster if left alive. Furthermore, he had chopped off his finger and just based on this he could not be left alive!

“Ye Jingxuan!” Ye Tian was angered to the point his face turned ashen. “You’re still thinking of killing them at this point?”

“That’s right!” Ye Jingxuan sneered, “Only I am aware of that fox’s location and if you want to find her, you must agree to my request. Otherwise, don’t think about meeting her in your lifetime!”

An eight-tailed fox that left the Ye Family secretly?

After obtaining this information from their conversation, Yun Luofeng subconsciously looked at Huohuo and an odd look gradually grew in her eyes…

“Haha!” Ye Tian angrily smiled, “Seemed like I’ve truly indulged you all these years, causing you to be undisciplined and out of control to the extent you dare to threaten me?”

In this lifetime, he had never been threatened before!

If it weren’t to find out Ancestor Fox’s whereabouts, he truly wished he could slap this bastard!

Perhaps Ye Jingxuan being pig-headed caused Ye Tian’s last thread of tenderness towards him to disappear while replacing it with a heart filled with anger!

Ye Jingxuan lifted his chin and looked at Ye Tian’s furious eyes without fear. “This is the price for favoring Ye Jingchen! Aren’t you just wanting to kill me and let him become the Family Head once again? Let me tell you, dream on, I will never let all of you succeed!”

Just then, a soft voice sounded from the side. “I say, all of you are either letting me be a scapegoat or talking about me in the open. Have you asked for my opinion?”

Huohuo had long been irritated with these people and had forgotten the task Yun Luofeng entrusted to her. Her face decorated with white powder and looking like it was carved out of jade was filled with fury as she fiercely glared at Ye Jingxuan.

“Scram!” Ye Jingxuan used his hands to chase away Huohuo, “Is a small brat like you looking for death? If not, then scram! We’re currently discussing the broken-tailed fox, so how is that related to you? Don’t be self-conceited!”

This little brat was someone beside Yun Luofeng, and Ye Jingxuan would never link her together with the fox that Ye Tian tasked him to find. Naturally, he did not put her in his sights.

Huohuo’s mouth twitched. “So it turns out that the inner quality of the Ye Family’s members is extremely bad and they are completely incomparable to that little brat Ye Feifan!”

Ye Feifan?

Ye Tian’s body trembled as he turned towards Huohuo in amazement. His voice gradually became excited. “You are…”

Perhaps others were unaware of the name Ye Feifan. However, to Ye Tian who was his successor, it was very familiar.


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