Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 907 - Tragic Ye Jingxuan (2)

Chapter 907: Tragic Ye Jingxuan (2)

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The Ye Family’s Head breaking through at this moment had completely disrupted the idea he had of exterminating these people who conspired to murder the Empress! Furthermore, that expert of the Imperial Family wasn’t in Imperial City and perhaps no one could deal with that old man…

While pondering this, the aura surrounding the Ye Family skies suddenly moved and a moment later, a figure in gray robes appeared before everyone’s eyes…

The old man’s expression was of indifference, refined and free from vulgarity. While his pair of eyes revealed loftiness as he condescendingly looked at everyone.

“Father, you came on time. These people were intending to kill me, especially Yun Xiao! He chopped off my finger, and you must avenge me!” Ye Jingxuan fiercely glared at them standing before him while gnashing his teeth in anger.

Ye Tian did not move and stood in the skies with an emotionless expression and his hands held behind his back.

“Ye Family Head,” the Emperor faintly smiled, “congratulations for breaking through to sage-level middle rank realm! You are the second sage-level cultivator to break through to middle rank in our Tianyun Kingdom! This is our Kingdom’s honor, however…”

The Emperor slightly paused before continuing, “Ye Jingxuan conspired to murder the Empress and surely, you should give me an explanation for this! Furthermore, I have long been aware that you’re not fond of infighting between family members, yet your son schemed to frame your grandson and his wife. Shouldn’t you handle this?”

Ye Tian’s eyebrows slightly knitted as he looked at Ye Jingxuan with indifference. “Is what he said the truth?”

Ye Jingxuan’s body trembled. “Father, even if I’m in the wrong, Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng are still alive. However, these two people wanted to kill your son and don’t tell me, you can tolerate it?”

Looking at Ye Jingxuan’s non-repentant expression, Ye Tian shook his head. “These days, even though I was in closed-door cultivation, I have heard of the things you’ve done! Xuan’er, I had intended to hand the position of Family Head to you, but why are you holding onto them without letting go?”

Ye Jingxuan lowered his head and tightly clenched his fists. A mocking smile curled up on his lips as he spoke sarcastically, “So what if you hand me the position? In your heart, it’s still Ye Jingchen who is the most important! I am not content with this. Clearly, I am not inferior to him, so why do you favor him?”

The man’s eyes reddened and his eyes were filled with discontent and resentment. At this moment, he released all the grievances he had all these years while his voice contained hysteria.

The old man shut his eyes and opened it only after a long time. “You’re stubborn and even I can’t help you. You’re on your own.”

If Ye Jingxuan admitted to his mistakes, perhaps he might be soft-hearted and help him…

However, even up til now, Ye Jingxuan did not consider himself to be a fault in the slightest. So why should Ye Tian help him?

The old man’s words caused Ye Jingxuan’s eyes to open wide, and his entire body trembled.

What does Father mean? Is he going to abandon me?

“Father, you cannot treat me like that. If Ye Jingchen is your son, aren’t I your son too? Even wild beasts look after their young, and how could you be so heartless?” Ye Jingxuan’s expression turned pale.

Ye Tian was his last lifeboat, so obviously, he had to grab on without letting go!

“Xuan’er, apologize to your brother and your nephew, and I will let them cripple your strength but spare your life.”

Ye Tian bitterly smiled. Facing his own bloodline, he ultimately couldn’t be completely heartless.

“Father, what are you saying?” Ye Jingxuan spoke in disbelief, “You want me to apologize to Ye Jingchen and cripple my strength? If I am without strength, then what difference am I compared to a trash? How can you say these words?”

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