Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 906 - Tragic Ye Jingxuan (1)

Chapter 906: Tragic Ye Jingxuan (1)

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In an instant, everyone looked at Ye Jingxuan…

Ye Jingxuan got up from the ground with a bewildered look in his eyes, appearing as if he was unaware of the situation before him.

Seeing Ye Jingxuan’s look of bewilderment, the smile on Yun Luofeng became increasingly wicked as she slowly drew near to him.

“You colluded with Consort Shu, conspiring to murder the Empress, and now you’re acting as if you knew nothing?”

Ye Jingxan’s mouth twitched, revealing a crafty smile as he said, “Niece, in any case, I am your Uncle and you shouldn’t frame me! I truly wasn’t aware of anything, and it was Consort Shu who looked for me to help her. I admit that I didn’t see eye to eye with you, so I agreed to her request. However, who knew that the person she wanted to murder was the Empress?”

At the very least, he was the Ye Family’s future Head and he figured that Yun Luofeng wouldn’t dare to do anything to him. Right now, he had to clear up the suspicions of him conspiring to murder the Empress!

“Ye Jingxuan!”

Hearing his words, Consort Shu was so angered that she got up and her beautiful eyes glared at Ye Jingxuan in unwavering hatred. “You’re speaking nonsense. Clearly, it was you who found me first and now you’re still thinking of shifting the responsibility?”

Ye Jingxuan sneered. “Consort Shu, death is at near hand for you, so why do you want me to be your funerary mat? What enmity do I have against the Empress that would make me not hesitate to poison her? You should shoulder responsibility for what you’ve done and not implicate me.”

Consort Shu was overflowing with anger and threw herself towards Ye Jingxuan. However, just as she pounced on Ye Jingxuan, she was knocked down by his palm.

“Your Majesty!”

Ye Jingxuan flung his sleeves and turned to half-kneel before the Emperor. “These matters were truly done by Consort Shu alone. I had only heeded her orders and pushed Yun Luofeng out. I beg of Your Majesty to clarify the matter!”

In any case, he would not admit he wanted to conspire and murder the Empress even if he was beaten to death!

The Emperor coldly swept past Ye Jingxuan and when he saw Yun Luofeng, he softened his expression. “Miss Yun, this Ye Family member of yours, how do you intend to deal with him?”

Yun Luofeng faintly curled her lips. “Kill him!”

Although she spoke these words refreshingly and lightly, Ye Jingxuan’s body shivered and he suddenly stood up from the ground.

“Yun Luofeng, I’m your Uncle and you dare to speak to me this way?”

Yun Luofeng looked at Ye Jingxuan out of the corner of her eye. “Why didn’t I know Yun Xiao had an Uncle like you?”

“You…” Ye Jingxuan trembled and furiously pointed at Yun Luofeng.

Seeing this man using his finger to point at Yun Luofeng’s nose, a cold glint suddenly flashed through Yun Xiao’s eyes. He raised his sword and cut off Ye Jingxuan’s finger.


Ye Jingxuan shrieked mournfully. His voice was heart-wrenching and caused others to feel absolutely horrified!

Just then, not far from where the Ye Family was located, a powerful energy suddenly spread out and hovered in the skies. Sensing that aura, the Emperor’s expression froze. “The Ye Family’s old man has broken through to sage-level middle rank?”

The reason why the Ye Family was weaker than the Imperial Family by a notch was that the strength of the old man of the Ye Family was lower than their number one expert and had to acknowledge allegiance to the Imperial Family. However, once this old man broke through, the Imperial Family and the Ye Family would be on equal footing!


Ye Jingxuan laughed sinisterly at this moment, with a face distorted due to the severe pain. “My Father broke through! He’s finally broken through! This time, the Imperial Family can’t do anything to me. Hahaha!”

The Emperor’s face sank and he coldly looked at Ye Jingxuan yet did not say anything.

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