Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 903 - Yun Xiao Taking Action (1)

Chapter 903: Yun Xiao Taking Action (1)

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Yun Xiao did not answer his question nor spare him a glance. There was only Yun Luofeng’s figure in his emotionless eyes and only her in the land under heavens could enter his sights.

“Who are you? The man in navy long robes had an imposing expression.

He didn’t know why, but the emotionless man before him gave him a feeling of danger. This feeling was just like a hand reaching out from hell, wanting to pull him into that bottomless pit.

“You want to kill her?”

Yun Xiao’s serene eyes turned towards the man and slowly raised his hands. “Those who attempt to hurt her must die!”

Even if this man only had such thoughts and had yet to take action, Yun Xiao was unable to tolerate anyone who wanted to harm her!

Even if it’s a thought, it cannot exist!

Ye Jingxuan originally wanted to laugh in ridicule. Who does this trash think he is, that he dares to be so arrogant and unbridled, and what ability does he possess to kill others?

Yet, before he managed to laugh, he had been shocked silly by the subsequent scene.

A valiant power broke through from the ground and attacked, while a grim aura flooded the entire Imperial Palace.

At the same time, the man seemed to be struck by something and spat out a mouthful of blood with a spluttering sound. His footsteps staggered and he knelt on the ground without any warning sign as his complexion was deathly white

“Sage level cultivator?”

His eyes gradually revealed horror. “Sage-level cultivator, you’re actually a sage-level cultivator!”

The man’s voice was pointed and exploded among the rear palace. After witnessing Yun Xiao taking action, Ye Jingxuan had long been shocked silly and after hearing that sentence, he fainted.

Compared to others, the man in the long navy robe was even more dreadful.

He had already reached a god-level high-ranked realm and to be able to defeat him with a single strike, who else could it be other than a sage-level cultivator?

Jiang Mengyao’s eyes revealed her complicated feelings. She had always thought that she was the most outstanding one in the Tianyun Kingdom! However, first appeared a Yun Luofeng that could cure the Empress and now, Yun Xiao’s strength was actually so powerful…

These two people crushed her ego and caused her to be mad with jealousy.

“Keke,” The man sneered as he stood up from the ground and his eyes were filled with ridicule, “Dog Emperor, I truly didn’t expect you could find such people to save you. God truly doesn’t have eyes! A cheating couple like you committed endless misdeeds and everyone has the right to kill you! One day, there will be someone who will dispose of you for the sake of justice!”

The Emperor’s expression sank. “Noble Consort Tong was guilty of attempting to murder the Empress, and in order to protect the Empress, my decision wasn’t wrong!”

“If Tong’er truly wanted to conspire and murder the Empress, then it proves that she should die!” The man had already entered into a deranged state and his eyes were bloodshot. “She snatched Tong’er’s position and snatched the honor she should have, so she deserved to die! In addition, you too, deserve to die!”

The man turned his gaze towards the Emperor and gnashed his teeth in anger. “You didn’t want a good woman like Tong’er and instead, pampered a jealous woman! As the Emperor, you should be visiting the chambers of your imperial concubines yet why did you treat Tong’er as such? If it weren’t for your disloyalty, Tong’er wouldn’t have died!”

Looking at the madman, the Emperor sighed. “Regarding this, I am indeed at fault!”

Hearing the Emperor’s words, the man’s expression looked a lot better. However, who knew his words would change as he continued, “I shouldn’t have brought in so many concubines. Not only did I cause the Empress to grieve, I even caused her to nearly lose her life! After this incident, I will dissolve my harem!”

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