Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 902 - Conspiracy Exposed (4)

Chapter 902: Conspiracy Exposed (4)

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Ye Jingxuan was dumbfounded.

The Emperor had invited Yun Luofeng previously to cure the Empress and had even succeeded? Then why did he agree to his request?

No matter how stupid Ye Jingxuan was, at this moment, he understood everything…

So it turned out, these people had already seen through his and Consort Shu’s conspiracy and their aim was to pull the snake from its hole!

What was ridiculous was that he had actually thought everything was in his hands…

“It’s too late now that you’re aware.”

Jian Chengwen walked out of the ruins with great strides and coldly swept across everyone present.

His words had directly proven Jiang Mengyao’s conclusion!

The man in navy robes was initially stunned for a while but shortly after, his mad laughter reverberated throughout the entire Imperial Palace.

“So what if the Empress has been cured? Today, both of you, the cheating couple must die! Only with your death can it allow my beloved Tong’er to rest in peace!”


The Empress’s expression slightly turned cold. “The Tong’er you speak of, is it Noble Consort Tong?”

“That’s right!” The man coldly replied, “If it weren’t for you, Tong’er wouldn’t have died and all of you have to be buried together with her!”

In an instant, the man’s aura surged forth and flames of fury were rolling over and over in his heart as it transformed into inexhaustible energy while he attacked the Empress…

“Protect the Empress!”

The Emperor was frightened stiff and after he spoke, he dashed over not caring for his life.

However, his speed was ultimately slower…

Before he arrived before the Empress, the man’s attack had already landed.


When that attack was about to land on the Empress, he seemed to have rammed on an incomparably solid wall, causing him to recoil back a few steps and his eyes revealed astonishment. “Barrier? You’re well versed in the matrix?”

Yun Luofeng sat down languidly with her right leg raised on the bed and leaning against the bed frame while she lazily shot a glance at him. “Do you think that I’m merely drinking tea and chatting with the Empress after staying here for so long?”

From the start, Yun Luofeng had been preparing and did not stop to rest for a moment. Otherwise, when that man attacked Jingde Palace, it would not leave behind this bed…

The reason the bed was safe was the surrounding barrier!

“Rotten brat, I have truly underestimated you.” The man gnashed his teeth in anger, “However, what skill can it be regarded as for you to hide in that barrier? If you have the skill, come out and battle me!”

Yun Luofeng wickedly smiled. “Come in if you have the ability!”

“You, come out!”

“You, come in!”

All ministers couldn’t help but be flabbergasted upon witnessing their incessant bickering. However, compared to that bewitching and languid Yun Luofeng, the man who started jumping out of anger had already lost his imposing manner.

“Rotten brat, I only intended to kill the dog Emperor and this slut of an Empress, but since you’re fond of meddling in other’s business, don’t blame me for killing you altogether!” A sinister glint flashed from his eyes as he coldly spoke.

At this moment, Yun Luofeng seemed to have sensed something as she gazed at the azure skies and the smile on her became deeper.

“Your opponent isn’t me but the person behind you!”


The man was distracted for a moment and when he turned back, a grim and powerful aura directly hit him in the face, causing him to retreat out of shock.

Shortly after, under everyone’s gaze, a grim-looking black-robed man descended from the skies and he appeared to be a God that stepped through the void, noble and inviolable.

Seeing that man’s handsome face, Ye Jingxuan was shocked foolish. “Yun Xiao… What’s a trash like you doing here?”

Even until this moment, Ye Jingxuan had yet to figure out the situation…

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