Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 901 - Conspiracy Exposed (3)

Chapter 901: Conspiracy Exposed (3)

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Just as Jiang Mengyao spoke, the Emperor’s cold and detached voice could be heard, “What are you standing there for? Immediately arrest Consort Shu and kill anyone who obstructs without any exception!”

When the words ‘kill anyone who obstructs’ fell, it caused Jiang Mengyao’s body to shiver and she looked at the Emperor in disbelief. All of a sudden, she started laughing and her laughter was filled with grief.

“I finally believe in this sentence, the Imperial Family is the most ruthless! You can even kill your own daughter and you’re truly vicious and merciless! Don’t tell me you have the Empress as your only woman? My Mother accompanied you for numerous years and guarded an empty chamber for you, yet you’re treating her as such?”

The Emperor was emotionless as his expression was grave and stern. Jiang Mengyao’s words could no longer cause his heart to waver, as those who harmed the Empress would be killed without exception!

Just then, a powerful energy suddenly attacked and aimed towards the Emperor standing among everyone.

“Your Majesty, be careful!”

Xuan Tian sensed the aura from behind and his expression suddenly changed. He hastily blocked before the Emperor and welcomed the opponent’s attack.


A loud noise sounded and powerful energy overflowed from his whole body, instantly destroying the surrounding trees and turning them into debris.

A middle-aged man wearing a navy blue long robes slowly walked in the midst of the sky with an indifferent expression. His eyes contained hatred as he occupied the high ground and overlooked the Emperor standing in front of him.

“Dog Emperor, I came here today to take your life!”

The Emperor had a fearless expression as he coldly spoke, “Who are you and what deep hatred do you have with me?”

The man did not answer him but coldly laughed instead. “Where’s the Empress, that slut? Let her come out! Oh, I forgot, your Empress has fallen into an eternal sleep and is unable to come out! I also know that you’ve been constantly on the move recently for the Empress and invited countless physicians! However, the Empress’s illness can never be cured because no one who’s inflicted with my parasites can awaken!”

His voice paused before he continued speaking, “The reason why I didn’t kill her from the start was to see your current suffering. Well, I reckon your days haven’t been too good, and now, I will make you be grieved to the point you’ll wish you were dead…”


The man waved his hands and a force struck Jingde Palace. In a flash, the entire Palace was destroyed and fell into ruin.

There was a bed completed unscathed within the pile of ruins and on the bed, a young lady’s bewitching black eyes gazed at him seemingly smiling yet not smiling.

While behind her was the Empress’s gentle smile. Her clothing was neat and tidy, completely unaffected by the attack’s ripples.

The man’s expression thoroughly changed as his voice became pointed, “Impossible, it’s impossible! You could never have the chance to awaken!”

Not to mention this man, other than Xuan Tian who was long aware of the truth, the others were also shocked silly.

Ye Jingxuan’s expression was the most unsightly. His small eyes had been opened extremely wide and his gaping mouth couldn’t be closed.

Yun Luofeng… truly cured the Empress?

How could she have such abilities? It’s definitely impossible!

“I finally understand!!”

At the same time, Jiang Mengyao’s voice suddenly sounded. She tightly clenched her fist and trembled. “Yun Luofeng, so it turns out the person who my Imperial Father invited to treat the Empress was you! I actually didn’t realize it in the beginning. It’s no wonder Imperial Father had given you the prerogative! I reckon you had successfully cured the Empress at that time?”

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