Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 900 - Conspiracy Exposed (2)

Chapter 900: Conspiracy Exposed (2)

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On the ground, the little girl dressed similarly to Huohuo was trembling and her eyes were filled with horror as her face turned pale.

“Your Majesty, she is the one who went to the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room!” The palace maid saw her and her eyes suddenly flickered as she spoke.

After the little girl heard her words, she became so increasingly afraid that she even wet herself while her pair of huge eyes looked at her surroundings in fear.

“You were the one who wanted to poison the Empress?” The Emperor furrowed his brows and coldly asked.

The little girl’s eyes reddened. “I… I didn’t want to do this, but my aunt captured my parents and forced me to do this. If I didn’t, she would kill my parents.”

“Your Aunt is…” While the Emperor asked, he subconsciously looked at Consort Shu.

Ever since the little girl had been hauled in by Ye Ximo, her facial expression became deathly pale and was filled with despair.

“Consort Shu is my aunt. As my mother married a poor husband, she had been chased out by Consort Shu for tarnishing the family’s social status. When she came looking for us this time around, my mother was very happy, thinking that Consort Shu intended to allow us to return. Who knew she would directly capture my mother and force me to impersonate a young girl and poison the Empress…”

Even though her face was filled with fear, the words she spoke were in order and had clarity.

“Furthermore, I knew my aunt wanted to murder the Empress and if this truly occurred, it would be hard for my parents to escape death. Therefore, I did not add the poison my aunt passed to me, and instead, I only added rice flour into the decoction.”

The little girl inwardly bit her trembling lips and the fear in her eyes did not diminish. However, to prevent her parents from being implicated, she had to speak the truth!

“Do you have the poison Consort Shu gave you?” The Emperor asked.

The little girl fished out a paper packet from her lapels while trembling and staggered to her feet, then walked towards the Emperor.

The Emperor took the packet and handed it to Xuan Tian.

After Xuan Tian smelled the odor within the paper packet, his aged face suddenly changed. “This is Intestines Corroding powder, a poison that is highly toxic. Before death, the victim would experience the pain of their intestines being corroded! Generally speaking, one would not use such poison to harm others without a huge enmity!”

Hearing this, the Emperor’s complexion turned pale. He didn’t dare to imagine, if the Empress were to really consume this poison, what sort of pain would she suffer?

“Consort Shu, you’re bold! To actually use such poison to conspire to murder the Empress. Men, arrest her!”

Seeing those guards heading towards Consort Shu, Jiang Mengyao angrily shouted and stood before Consort Shu.

“I’d like to see who dares to!”

Her expression was filled with anger. “Imperial Father, how would you know if these people aren’t collaborating together to frame my Imperial Mother? This little girl claims that my Imperial Mother is her aunt but why haven’t I seen her before?”

The little girl looked at Jiang Mengyao stubbornly. “Before Consort Shu became the Emperor’s imperial concubine, my mother had been chased out of the family! Of course, you’ve never seen me because your mother would never permit you to associate with poor relatives like us!”

Compared the Jiang Mengyao’s satin embroidered clothing, this little girl’s clothing was filled with patches and looked extremely tattered. Even so, her eyes were unyielding.

“Rotten brat, I dare you to frame my Imperial Mother again!” Jiang Mengyao furiously spoke, “My Imperial Mother has a kind temperament and would never commit things like not recognizing her own sister! I don’t believe in a single word you say!”

“Although you don’t believe me, Your Majesty does!”

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