Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 899 - Conspiracy Exposed (1)

Chapter 899: Conspiracy Exposed (1)
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“Men,” the Emperor’s face was solemn as he sternly shouted, “Invite that palace maid from the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room. I have something to ask her!”

“Your subordinate obeys!” Having heard what was said, a eunuch accepted the command and left.

A short period of time later, a palace maid walked over in haste under the eunuch’s guidance and bowed when she stood before the Emperor. “Your servant pays her respects to the Emperor.”

“Has Consort Shu gone to the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room before?” The Emperor’s eyes were grave and stern as he asked emotionlessly.

The palace maid slowly raised and replied. “Consort Shu did indeed come to the imperial kitchen and asked if the decoction I was currently preparing for Miss Yun was for the Empress’s consumption. At that time, I had already informed Consort Shu that this decoction was for Lady Jiafei.”

Consort Shu weakly collapsed on the floor, with her beautiful eyes filled with despair. She miserably gazed at the man’s grave and stern expression and it was the first time she felt that he was terrifying…

Yes, this man was worthy of being the ruler of a country and was completely unscrupulous! For a woman, he did not hesitate to sacrifice another…

All the ministers were shocked silly by this scene. Didn’t Consort Shu claim that Yun Luofeng poisoned the Empress? However, Yun Luofeng did not even pass by the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room, so how did Consort Shu witness the brat beside Yun Luofeng inserting poison?

Jiang Mengyao tightly furrowed her brows and turned towards Consort Shu and asked, “Imperial Mother, what’s going on?”

“I… I don’t know. It was this palace maid. She intends to frame me. Your Majesty, you have to be the judge for me!”

Even now, Consort Shu was still unwilling to admit to her wrongdoings and wanted to shift the blame.

“Enough!” The Emperor sternly shouted, “You said the palace maid wanted to frame you, then what about Master Xuan Tian? He can also testify! Don’t tell me Master Xuan Tian also wants to frame you?”

Master Xuan Tian had accomplished medical skills and even the Emperor would show courtesy towards him. Therefore, towards Xuan Tian’s expression filled with rage, Consort Shu swallowed her saliva as her throat was somewhat dry.


Just then, lovable laughter could be heard from the treetop and instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

The bodyguards beside the Emperor unsheathed their long sword and protected his surroundings. Their vigilant gaze stared at the aged tree where the lovable laughter could be heard.

On top of the tree sat a lady dressed in red. Her skin was as white as snow and beautiful as if carved from jade, looking like an exquisite doll. Of course, the prerequisite was to neglect the haughtiness of her expression.

“At that time in Ye City, someone wanted me to be a scapegoat and now after arriving in the Imperial Palace, there are still people who want me to bear the brunt?” The little lady leaped down from the treetop and steadily landed. “My apologies, I shall not be this scapegoat of yours!”

The Emperor’s mind had processed things faster and after hearing Huohuo’s words, he was aware of her identity and instantly turned towards the palace maid. “Consort Shu claimed that a young girl dressed in red went to the Imperial Medical Preparation Room to insert poison. Was it this girl?”

The palace maid shook her head and reverently and respectfully reported, “Answering Your Majesty, that young girl was not as beautiful as this girl. I can conclude that it wasn’t her!”

“Of course that young girl isn’t as pretty as Huohuo.”

Suddenly, a refreshing voice could be heard outside the courtyard and a moment later, an unusually handsome man dragged a young girl and walked in. He then flung her on the floor and cupped his fists. “Your Majesty, my sister-in-law had long concluded that someone wanted to conspire to murder the Empress. As such, she asked me to keep watch outside the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room. As a matter of fact, I have caught a person who plotted against the Empress’s life and I beg of the Emperor to make the decision.”


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