Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 898 - Frame-up (9)

Chapter 898: Frame-up (9)

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Unfortunately, everyone present had been shocked by Consort Shu’s words and no one discovered the Emperor’s abnormality…

If it were in the past, the Emperor would definitely rush to the Empress side at the fastest speed possible after hearing of danger befalling her, and how would he be so calm? It was as if he wasn’t worried about the Empress’s life…

“Consort Shu, you’ve truly made me disappointed,” the Emperor shook his head, “First, you conspired to murder the Empress and now, you’re framing Miss Yun. All these years, I’ve treated you well yet you’re coveting the Empress’s position!”

Consort Shu’s expression was pale as she stared at the man’s grave and stern face in horror.

He knows…

How could this be?

She bit her lips, restrained her internal panic and asked, “Your Majesty, I don’t understand what you mean.”

“You don’t understand? No, you’re the one who’s the most understanding of my words!”

The Emperor had both his hands held behind him as he coldly stared at Consort Shu and spoke emotionlessly.

“Imperial Father!” Jiang Mengyao’s eyebrows furrowed, “All these years, Imperial Mother had never fought for anything and treated the Empress as her own sister. Furthermore, she has been unable to eat and sleep properly after the Empress became seriously ill. However, not only are you not grateful for her devotion, instead, you’re saying she’s conspiring to murder the Empress?”

Towards her own Imperial Father, Jiang Mengyao was disappointed in her heart. She would have never expected that this man had actually suspected her Imperial Mother.

How could such a kind-hearted woman like her Imperial Mother commit such crimes?

“You said Miss Yun went to the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room to insert poison?” the Emperor did not spare a glance at Jiang Mengyao and coldly stared at Consort Shu, “She had never even entered the preparation room so how could she insert poison? Furthermore, the bowl of decoction brought in wasn’t produced by the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room! Instead… it was the Imperial Physician Court!”

Imperial Physician Court?

Consort Shu raised her head in shock and stared blankly.

When she went to the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room, the palace maid clearly claimed that this was the decoction Yun Luofeng assigned the servants to prepare, so why did the Emperor claim that it was from the Imperial Physician Court?

“Your Majesty!” Consort Shu bit her lips and spoke, “I didn’t lie. That decoction was definitely brought from the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room, in addition… Master Xuan Tian had an eccentric temperament so how would he easily lend his Imperial Physician Court to others?”

The Emperor coldly laughed. “How would I know why Master Xuan Tian would allow outsiders to boil medicine in the Imperial Physician Court? You can ask him personally and his temperament has always been good, so he will definitely answer your question.”

Consort Shu was stunned and turning back, she saw Xuan Tian dressed in long white robes walking over in quick steps. Her heart involuntarily felt unease…

“Master Xuan Tian, you’ve come on time,” the Emperor smiled, “Consort Shu has something to ask you.”

Xuan Tian’s brows furrowed. “Hurry up and ask, I still have other matters to attend to.”

Consort Shu’s lips were pale and trembling as she asked. “Master Xuan Tian, I heard that you loaned out your Imperial Physician Court?”

“You’re referring to this?” Xuan Tian slapped his forehead and had an appearance of sudden realization, “After all, Miss Yun came to cure the Empress’s illness and the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room’s facilities are too old so I loaned her the Imperial Physician Court. Why? Is there any problem?”


Similar to thunder striking down, Consort Shu’s footsteps retreated and her butt fell to the ground.

Yun Luofeng truly didn’t prepare the decoction in the Imperial Medicine Preparation Room? Then why did the palace maid claim that the decoction that was currently prepared was Yun Luofeng’s?

Thinking of here, Consort Shu looked at the Emperor subconsciously and an ice-cold aura seeped into her heart…

Only now, did she realize she had stepped into their trap from the start…

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