Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 896 - Frame-up (7)

Chapter 896: Frame-up (7)
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“Impudent!” The Emperor’s expression changed as he sternly berated, “Miss Yun came to treat the Empress and who allowed you to slander her?”

Jiang Mengyao’s pointed brows wrinkled and a trace of disdain flashed through her eyes. “Father, I’m not looking down on her, but you know of my talents and Yun Luofeng is younger than me. There’s no younger generation in the Tianyun Kingdom able to surpass me, so do you honestly think that Yun Luofeng can cure the Empress?”

Just then, a palace maid held a bowl of decoction and walked over from the rear.

“Let me do it,” Jian Chengwen directly took the decoction, “Little Luofeng asked me to prepare this previously. I’ll bring it to her right now.” After speaking, he pushed opened the door and walked into the chambers.

“Imperial Brother!”

Suddenly, the Grand Princess’s sharp voice sounded, instantly causing the Emperor’s face to sink.

“Where’s the daughter-in-law of that whore Jun Fengling? I want to meet that slut!”

The Emperor’s face was solemn as his cold eyes swept towards the Grand Princess. “Without my orders, who allowed you to leave your palace?”

The Grand Princess was his half-sister, but he did not have much affection towards her. Furthermore, she had frequently relied on force to bully others and this caused him to feel even more disgusted!

The Grand Princess gnashed her teeth in anger. “I merely heard from the palace maids and eunuchs that Jun Fengling that whore’s daughter-in-law is here, so I came! Imperial Brother, how can you allow such a slut to enter the palace? Aren’t you afraid of tarnishing the Imperial Palace?”

“Men, arrest the Grand Princess!” The Emperor’s expression looked cold and grim, “Miss Yun came to treat the Empress and isn’t your place to be unbridled!”

“Treat the Empress?”

The Grand Princess was originally very angry when she had been obstructed by those bodyguards. But after hearing the Emperor’s words, she couldn’t help but laugh and mad laughter reverberated throughout the Imperial Palace…

“Imperial Brother, you’re saying that Yun Luofeng knows medical skills? I reckon that you’ve been deceived by her. How could a useless woman like her, be well versed in medical skills?”

The Emperor’s expression became increasingly stern. Just as he wanted to speak out, a panicky voice suddenly sounded.

“Your Majesty, something bad has happened!”

Consort Shu ran over while staggering and her expression was pale while sweat trickled from her forehead as she gasped for breath.

“Imperial Mother!”

Jiang Mengyao hastily came forth and supported Consort Shu’s body and asked with concern. “What happened?”

“Your Majesty!”

Consort Shu pushed Jiang Mengyao away and knelt before the Emperor as she anxiously wept. “I beg of Your Majesty to save the Empress. If we’re too late she’ll be incurable…”

At present, even though there are many ministers gathered by the Ye Family’s elder, but they were not aware of Ye Jingxuan’s motives.

Therefore, hearing Consort Shu’s words, everyone looked at each other in dismay, just like they were unaware of what happened.

“Consort Shu, did something happened for you to ask the Emperor to save the Empress?” Ye Jingxuan’s eyes slightly turned and asked while already knowing the answer.

Consort Shu’s complexion was pale. “When I was passing by the imperial medicine preparation room, a palace maid working there informed me that Miss Yun dispatched a girl there and added a medicinal ingredient in the decoction prepared for the Empress. As I am slightly well versed in medicinal ingredients, after hearing that palace maid’s description, I discovered that the medicinal ingredient is known as the highly toxic and poisonous red salvia miltiorrhiza!”

The Emperor looked at Consort Shu with a complicated gaze and his eyes contained a faint killing intent. “You are saying that Miss Yun is thinking of poisoning the Empress? Do you have any evidence?”


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