Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 895 - Frame-up (6)

Chapter 895: Frame-up (6)

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The Emperor coldly stared at Ye Jingxuan. “I heard that you have a bad relationship with Yun Luofeng and who knows if you have intentions of framing her?”

Cold sweat trickled from Ye Jingxuan’s forehead. “Yun Luofeng is my nephew’s wife so how could I possibly frame her? My relationship with her has always been good and Your Majesty must have misunderstood.”

“Good!” The Emperor snorted, “Then I’ll send someone to summon Yun Luofeng and let her diagnose the Empress!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Ye Jingxuan lowered his face and his hands tightly held onto the wheelchair’s handle while a sinister smile curled up on his lips. As long as the Emperor issues a decree, Yun Luofeng cannot reject it! At that time, if there’s a mistake in her treatment, resulting in the Empress meeting her end, the Emperor will never let her off!

Not long after the Emperor issued the decree, a snow-white figure appeared outside the study room…

The young lady’s appearance was languid and a smile appeared on her stunning face. Not knowing why, Ye Jingxuan seemed to feel that her smile contained a devilish aura, causing one to feel nervous from the bottom of their heart.

“Are you confident?”

The Emperor meant if she had the confidence to unmask Consort Shu and expose the truth. However, when heard by others, it became whether if Yun Luofeng had the confidence to cure the Empress.

Hearing the Emperor’s words, Yun Luofeng nodded her head and spoke, “Bring me to meet the Empress.”

“Alright!” The Emperor’s face instantly turned solemn, “Men, bring Miss Yun to meet the Empress!”

Yun Luofeng smiled, “There’s no need for such trouble, it’s sufficient to let General Jian bring me there. Besides that, I have something to say to him.”

Ye Jingxuan suppressed his internal panic and unconsciously sneered as he looked at the bewitching young lady. He originally believed that Yun Luofeng would deny his words, but she had unexpectedly coordinated with him. Since that’s the case, then it wasn’t his responsibility!

“Little Luofeng,” Jian Chengwen walked to Yun Luofeng and spoke with sarcasm while looking at Ye Jingxuan with indifference, “Some people who want to harm your life will ultimately harm themselves!”

Yun Luofeng faintly smiled and said a few words beside his ears. She had set up a barrier when she spoke, and outsiders were unable to hear what was she saying. Undoubtedly, Yun Luofeng’s actions in others eyes would be that she was asking Jian Chengwen for help!

Yun Luofeng, isn’t it too late asking help from General Jian? Ye Jingxuan released a sneer in his heart as he maneuvered the wheelchair outside, Today, you will die without a doubt!

Outside Jingde Palace, palace maids and eunuchs were stationed at the entrance. At this moment, they saw Yun Luofeng and Jian Chengwen walking over in haste and greeted them with haste. “General.”

“You can retreat, I’ll bring Miss Yun inside.” Jian Chengwen waved his hands and spoke.

“Yes, General.” The palace maids bowed in succession and retreated from the palace.

A while later, Ye Jingxuan and all the ministers came in haste. Yun Luofeng did not hesitate and her hands fell on the door as she softly pushed it open and entered Jingde Palace under everyone’s complicated gaze…

“Imperial Father.”

A voice came from the sidelines and soon after a lady dressed in royal clothing walked briskly and greeted the Emperor before she spoke. “Your daughter heard someone had volunteered to treat the Empress illness and if they fail, they’d have to apologize using their deaths?”

“Why are you here?” The Emperor did not answer her question and instead, asked while frowning.

Jiang Mengyao bit her lips. “I only want to see how this Yun Luofeng brags and swindles!”


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