Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 894 - Frame-up (5)

Chapter 894: Frame-up (5)
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At this moment, Consort Shu’s expression has yet to recover and she went along with Jiang Mengyao’s words. “I’m worried for the Empress, as she had a bitter life in the past. First, she was unable to conceive and now, she has almost lost her life. If possible, I really wish I could help her shoulder everything.”

Consort Shu took out a handkerchief and wiped off the tears in the corners of her eyes.

Her tears were genuine, however, it wasn’t for the Empress but because of her fear for that man…

Jiang Mengyao sighed heavily, “Imperial Mother, you’re worried for the Empress but Imperial Father wouldn’t be grateful, is there a need for this? Don’t forget, since that year when the Empress became seriously ill due to grief when Father took in new consort, he rarely comes by to your chambers. Even so, you’re still worried about the Empress?”

Consort Shu smiled bitterly, “Even though the Empress feigned illness to make the Emperor feel guilty that year, she is still the Emperor’s favorite woman. Mengyao, just take it as I’m begging you. You must cure the Empress.”

That year the Empress became ill because of grief, but through her mouth, it became feigning illness.

Jiang Mengyao did not find anything amiss and since her Imperial Mother said that the Empress pretended to be ill, then she really must have pretended. Her Imperial Mother was gentle and kind, so she wouldn’t malign the Empress…

“Mother, I will try my best.”

Jiang Mengyao’s countenance showed helplessness. Her Mother was really too kind, treating her love rival with kindness. Was there anyone who could be compared to her mother in this world?

“Right…” Consort Shu rotated her eyes around, “Previously I heard that Ye family’s daughter-in-law is a physician, and even overbearingly said that she’ll treat the Empress’s illness! If she fails, she will apologize using her death!”

“Mother, is this true?” Jiang Mengyao’s eyes turned icy. “Was Yun Luofeng really so arrogant?”

Consort Shu nodded, “This was what I heard from the Elders of the Ye family. Mengyao, I heard that you had some conflict with Yun Luofeng sometime ago?”

Jiang Mengyao sneered, “Imperial Mother, within the Tianyun Kingdom, my medical skills are the best among my generation! If even I can’t cure the Empress, how could Yun Luofeng cure the Empress with her skills?”

For more than two decades, Jiang Mengyao had participated in countless medical competitions and no one could beat her. It was no wonder that she was so confident.

Just when Consort Shu opened her mouth to speak, Jiang Mengyao suddenly made a turn and walked towards the door.

“Right now, I shall see Yun Luofeng’s ending when she fails!”

She had never thought of stopping Yun Luofeng!

After all, she never liked the Empress, and if it weren’t for her Imperial Mother, she would never think of treating the Empress! If anything went amiss during Yun Luofeng’s treatment and led to the death of the Empress, there wouldn’t be a better ending than that!

Staring at her withdrawing figure, a sinister smile curled on Consort Shu lips.

At this moment, the Lion statue’s door opened once again, and the man who previously left appeared behind Consort Shu.

“You…Why are you…” Consort Shu shuddered and her blood ran cold.

The man smiled grimly, “As I mentioned just now, I will help you settle your problems, and you must help me too. So now you will pay me back using your body…”

The Imperial Palace.

In the imperial study room, the atmosphere was serious and cold. With a cold look, the Emperor glanced at the crowd below him and said with a deep voice, “Elder Ye, you claimed that Miss Yun can treat the Empress’s illness. Is this true?”

Not waiting for Elder Ye to speak, Ye Jingxuan who was at his side quickly interrupted, “Your Majesty, I can guarantee, this is the truth! Yun Luofeng said this before me and the other Elders were present too. So how would I dare to deceive Your Majesty?”


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