Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 893 - Frame-up (4)

Chapter 893: Frame-up (4)

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The man narrowed his eyes and laughed grimly, “Noble Consort Tong and I grew up together but she lost her life because of this cheating couple and thus, I hate them! To the extent I want them to have a life of living death! These days, the Dog Emperor must have felt unpleasant to see the Empress unconscious, but this was what I endured back then!”

“I had lacked strength in the past and was unable to bring my beloved woman out of the palace! Perhaps the gods pitied me and gave me a chance to possess great strength.”

“If it wasn’t because I feared that old fart of the Imperial Family, I would have captured and personally torture this couple! Unfortunately, I was unable to make a move because that old fart was too strong! Now, I heard that something came up at the last minute, and so, the old fart has left Imperial City! Hahaha! After his departure, Imperial City is doomed to destruction!”

The reason why the Tianyun Kingdom was formidable was because there was a sage-level middle ranked old man in the Imperial Family that even the Ye Family feared! This old man was one rank higher than the head of the Ye family. Thus, no one within the Tianyun Kingdom dared to offend the Imperial Family.

“Noble Consort Tong?” Consort Shu was stunned. “You are Noble Consort Tong’s childhood friend? The truth is, that year, it wasn’t that the Empress couldn’t conceive. She was once pregnant but was stabbed in the back by Noble Consort Tong and lost the baby. As a result, His Majesty had her executed in a rage.”

Usually, the Emperor had a good temperament and as long as no one offended the Empress, he would have a gentle disposition. However, the Empress was his bottom line and he would never let those who hurt the Empress off!

Thinking of this, a sense of jealousy rose up in Consort Shu’s heart. Being pampered by a guy like that, the Empress was really blessed. Especially when that man was the king of yesterday and tomorrow that was above everyman!

“You are spouting nonsense!” The man’s eyes turned red with anger. “Tong’er is so innocent and pure and would never harm the Empress. It must be that btch who framed her and besides, so what if this was really done by Tong’er? My Tong’er is the most outstanding woman in the world and the Emperor must have been blind to choose that btch as the Empress!”

Consort Shu was taken aback by the man’s anger and didn’t dare to say another word.

The man was agitated. “If Tong’er wanted to be the Empress, then the position as Empress ought to have been hers! Who does that b*tch think she is, to steal Tong’er’s position? It’s fine stealing her status, but even her life was taken, don’t you think that kind of woman deserves to die?”

Yes, in his eyes, Noble Consort Tong was the best and men who didn’t fancy her were all blind!

Consort Shu’s countenance turned increasingly pale, and at this time, she heard Jiang Mengyao’s voice coming from outside of the door.

“Lord Lin, you are right, those who bullied Noble Consort Tong deserve to die. Mengyao is about to arrive so could you leave first?” Consort Shu anxiously looked toward the door, and her face was full of tension.

The man grunted, “Remember, your life is in my hands and if you dare to go against me, I can kill you immediately.” He was still able to weigh what was important, and hence, he walked into the enclosed room after speaking.

Seeing the man leaving, Consort Shu quickly turned the Lion statue, returning the enclosed room to its original form. At the same time, Jiang Mengyao walked in through the door…

Jiang Mengyao came into the room and went up to Consort Shu. After seeing her pale complexion, her heart ached for her imperial mother, “Mother, are you troubled over Father’s matters again?”


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