Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 892 - Frame-up (3)

Chapter 892: Frame-up (3)
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“Your Majesty, “Jian Chengwen pondered and said, “I don’t think Consort Shu could poison the Empress alone. There must be someone else behind her! But no matter who is behind her, I won’t let him off!”

Instantly, a murderous aura surged forth and spread throughout the royal study.

“In fact, it’s easy to expose Consort Shu’s true colors and lure that person behind her out.” Yun Luofeng slightly raised the corners of her lips. “She wants to frame me? Fine, I’ll satisfy her.”

The Emperor and Jian Chengwen were both stunned and gave a puzzled look to Yun Luofeng.

“You mean… ”

Yun Luofeng’s revealed a smile, “Your Majesty, please tell the Ye Family elder that you’ve summoned me to the Imperial Palace to treat the Empress, and summon Ye Jingxuan altogether. I will solve all the problems in one go!”

Yun Luofeng didn’t touch the Ye Family because the Master of the Ye Family was a god-level spirit cultivator! He would definitely stop her if she tried to kill his son! She would not act rashly before she was sure that she could defeat him. But now, it was different…

If Ye Jingxuan was charged with murder, even the Ye Family could not protect him!

She was thinking about how to solve him, and he just jumped out himself, giving her a perfect excuse…

“Okay!” The Emperor immediately decided, “These people conspired to murder the Empress. I will never forgive them!”

Consort Shu left the Ye Family and hurried back to her resting palace. She carefully shut the door, asked her maids to guard outside, then quickly walked up to a stone table and gently twisted the stone lion placed on the table.

Soon, a secret chamber appeared in the room, and then a navy-robed man walked out.

“Lord Lin, someone has found out about what I did to the Empress. Please solve that man for me.”

The man cast a cold glance at her and said expressionlessly, “You cannot even cope with such a little thing? What do I need you for?”

Consort Shu’s face changed, “Lord Lin, I work for you. How can you treat me like this? Ye Jingxuan is cunning and insidious. He will surely threaten me with this again. Lord Lin, please help me!”

“Help you?” The man gave her a sinister smile, “If I help you, then what will you do for me in return?”

Understanding what he meant, Consort Shu turned pale, “Lord, this is my resting palace, we…”

“Consort Shu, stop acting like a virgin in front of me! Didn’t we have our first sexual intercourse here? You have even given birth to my child. What are you pretending for?”

Sneering, the man approached Consort Shu and gripped her jaw with his fingers, a chilly light in his eyes.

Consort Shu turned ghastly pale. She stumbled and almost fell to the ground. Luckily, she held on to the lion on the stone table and stabilized herself.

That nightmare-like night had ruined her life!

Since that night, the man kept threatening her with Mengyao and forced her to poison the Empress. But Consort Shu was curious as to why he hadn’t killed the Emperor and the Empress, since he hated them so much!

“Lord, I don’t understand. What grudge do you have against His Majesty and the Empress?” asked Consort Shu, as she bit on her whitened lips tightly.


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