Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 891 - Frame-up (2)

Chapter 891: Frame-up (2)
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Jian Chengwen narrowed his eyes, with a chilly gleam in his eye. “Your Majesty, these old b*stards just wanted to frame her. If Little Luofeng was an ordinary woman, their action would have led her to her death!”

“General Jian,” the Emperor’s face turned sullen, “I asked you to send the Ye Family a decree of mine that night. Why do they still treat her like this?”

“Your Majesty,” Jian Chengwen turned around and made an obeisance, “It was just an oral imperial decree. Perhaps some of them thought that it was fabricated by me, so they still don’t respect Little Luofeng.”

The Emperor sighed, “It’s my fault. I didn’t expect that the Ye Family people were so stupid! General Jian, head to the Ye Family and bring Miss Yun to the Imperial Palace with the imperial carriage used by the Empress. Have her accompany your sister for some time. Your sister has been missing her.

“I’m already here!”

As soon as the Emperor spoke, the door was pushed open, and soon, a snow-white figure agilely walked in and appeared in front of them. That day, before Yun Luofeng left, the Emperor gave her a pass, with which she could freely enter or leave the Imperial Palace and even access to the imperial study without reporting to the Emperor!

Besides her, only the Empress and Jian Chengwen had this privilege.

“What are you doing here, Little Luofeng?” Stunned, Jian Chengwen quickly walked to her. He ordered a eunuch to guard outside and turned his eyes to Yun Luofeng. “What a surprise! But if it’s found out that you’ve cured the Empress, your enemies hidden in the dark might start to attack.”

Even though Jian Chengwen was blaming her, but his face was filled with worry.

“I’m never afraid of them!” Yun Luofeng glanced at Jian Chengwen, “If they dare to attack, I swear I’ll eradicate all of them no matter their numbers! They can just come after me and I’ll be waiting here for them!”

Her words were powerful and her manner overbearing. She had spoken these words in a manner that would awe the loftiest spirit.

In a trance, Jian Chengwen looked at her as if seeing his old friend who had passed away many years ago, with his eyes filled with regret. “You are really similar to your father. If only he were still alive! By the way, Little Luofeng, why did you come to the Imperial Palace? Do you have something to tell us?”

Yun Luofeng nodded slightly, “I’m here to tell you that I’ve found out the one who poisoned the Empress!”


Hearing this, the Emperor suddenly rose to his feet, and the blue veins on his forehead protruded out. “Who was it?!”

“Consort Shu.” Yun Luofeng slowly spat out the two words.

The Emperor and Jian Chengwen were both stunned…

Consort Shu?

It was Consort Shu!

The Emperor had suspected many people but never considered Consort Shu, who always looked tender and gracious! Though she seemed to be sad about his preference for the Empress, she had never complained about it.

Such an unaggressive woman poisoned the Empress?

“Good, you’re really good, Consort Shu!” The Emperor gnashed his teeth and slammed his hand on the table. “I’ve always treated her well, but she had poisoned the Empress in return? I will never forgive her!”

The Emperor had no doubts about Yun Luofeng’s words. Venting his anger, he asked, “How did you learn about this?”

Yun Luofeng told the Emperor what Milk Tea had heard while eavesdropping.

As the Emperor listened to her, his face turned gloomy and his fist clenched, his body trembling with anger…


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