Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 890 - Frame-up (1)

Chapter 890: Frame-up (1)
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The Imperial Palace.

In the royal study, the Emperor was looking in confusion at the old men kneeling before him and asked, “My ministers, why did you come to see me? Do you have something to report to me?”

A court-dressed leading elder slowly walked up and said respectfully, “Your Majesty, we came here to recommend a physician who said she could treat the Empress.”


The Emperor raised his eyebrows. Although the Empress had recovered, it hadn’t been announced, so no one knew about it. Hearing that these people were coming to help the Empress, the Emperor smiled. After all, the ministers were worried about the Empress, weren’t they?

“Where is the physician?”

The Ye Family elder smiled. “Your Majesty, the physician who said she could heal the Empress is in our Ye Family! And she also claimed that if she couldn’t cure the Empress, she was willing to die!”

Hearing his words, the Emperor looked surprised. This woman was so confident about her own medical skill that she even guaranteed it with her own life?

If she couldn’t cure the Empress, she was willing to die?

Even Miss Yun didn’t make her decision until she examined the Empress that day. He never knew that there was another person who had mastered medical skills in the Ye Family!

“Who is the person you are talking about?…”

“She is the daughter-in-law of Ye Jingchen, Yun Luofeng!”

Speaking this, the Ye Family elder didn’t notice the strange expression of the Emperor at all. Even Jian Chengwen, who guarded on the side of the Emperor, glanced at him with surpriseā€¦

The Ye Family elder said with a smile, “Your Majesty, Yun Luofeng volunteered and said she was willing to die as an apology if she couldn’t cure the Empress.”

The Emperor’s expression turned stranger, and he coughed dryly. “Are you sure Yun Luofeng said these?”

“Absolutely!” A grim look flashed through the Ye Family elder’s eyes, “This Yun Luofeng is a physician and she is very confident in her medical skill. Perhaps she could cure the Empress, so had made a bold decision to recommend her to Your Majesty.”

In fact, the Ye Family elder didn’t think that Yun Luofeng had any medical skill! If it weren’t for Master Jingxuan’s instructions, he would have burst into laughter.

But now, instead of mocking Yun Luofeng, he had to praise her in front of the Emperor.

The Emperor’s face gradually darkened, “Ye Family elder, do you know what punishment you will be subjected to, for deceiving me? If I find out that you fabricated this, even the Master of the Ye Family will not be able to save your life!”

The Ye Family elder was stunned and looked at the Emperor in astonishment. Did the Emperor find out that he made out all of these? No! Impossible! Master Jingxuan had already confirmed that the Emperor didn’t know Yun Luofeng in the slightest, so he would not be able to tell whether these words were real or not!

The Ye Family elder clenched his teeth and firmly said, “Your Majesty, I swear that every single word I just said is true!”

“I know,” the Emperor waved his hand and said aloofly, “you can leave now.”

“Well… ”

The Ye Family elder was confused. What did His Majesty mean? With his affection for the Empress, shouldn’t he summon Yun Luofeng right now? Why did he look indifferent? Greatly puzzled, the Ye Family elder left and closed the door of the imperial study.

Hearing the departing footsteps, the Emperor asked with a frown, “General Jian, what do they mean?” Though I don’t know much about Miss Yun, I don’t think she would bluster like this if she wasn’t completely sure! It is impossible for her to speak these words before she examined the Empress. More importantly, she has already cured the Empress!”

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