Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 889 - Consort Shu (3)

Chapter 889: Consort Shu (3)
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Unfortunately, he missed one thing… that the Empress had already been cured by Yun Luofeng long ago! No matter how perfect his plan was, he was doomed to fail!

“I was wondering whether I should help the Empress catch the one poisoning her. After all, she is an old friend of my mother, but I never thought that the culprit would expose herself so quickly. Good, I’ll prepare a big surprise for her in return for her kindness!”

Yun Luofeng lazily leaned against the chair, with a smile on her lips and a bright light in her dark eyes.

“Master, what are you going to do?” asked Milk Tea, blinking.

“Beat her at her own game!”

Beat her at her own game?

Milk Tea paused and felt really sympathetic for Ye Jingxuan and Consort Shu, who would be taught a good lesson soon!

“Milk Tea, keep watching Ye Jingxuan and report any movement of his to me!” Yun Luofeng ordered in a low voice, her eyes shining with a wicked light.

“Yes, Master.” Milk Tea answered and quickly ran away, leaving Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng in the room.

“Yun Xiao, I won’t keep you waiting too long.” Slowly standing up and hugging Yun Xiao, Yun Luofeng lowered her eyes and said, “When I become a sage-level spirit cultivator, let’s get married, Okay?”

Yun Xiao’s body suddenly stiffened, and his expressionless face raised a bright smile as if being melt by her words, “Are… are you serious?”

Are you really willing to marry me?

He choked back the last sentence and hid it deep in his heart.

Yun Luofeng laughed, “I’ve even accepted your betrothal gift. Did you think I was lying?”

Suddenly, Yun Xiao tightly hugged Yun Luofeng. He exerted a deep power in his arms as if he wanted to make the girl a part of him.

“I’m just too excited… Feng’er, for the rest of my life, I’ll never leave or forsake you. Wherever you are, it’ll be my home!”

The man’s deep and hoarse voice touched her heart. A faint smile appeared on her lips.

I’ll never leave or forsake you.

She would do the same! All she wanted was to spend her entire life with this man!


Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes, “Yun Xiao, though I’ve promised to marry you, there is one and only condition! I’ll be on top and you’ll be under me! I am the only one who can discipline you in this world!”

“Out of bed, you are on top; in the bed, I’m on top.”

What he meant was that he would follow Yun Luofeng’s order and defer to her all the time, but in the bed, he would be the dominant one…

Yun Luofeng’s smile turned wicked, and she pressed on towards Yun Xiao by several steps, “You can have a try if you want to be the one on top! But I won’t let you!”

As the atmosphere became more ambiguous, an unexpected voice suddenly rang.

“Master, I support you! You should be on top and Yun Xiao should be under you! At that time, I’ll come and watch you do it.”

Huohuo sat cross-legged on the bed, cupped her chin in her little hands, and stared at Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao with a big smile on her face.

Yun Luofeng’s face darkened. “Huohuo, why did you come out?”

Huohuo pursed her lips, “The tree seed in the God Code Space woke up again. I was afraid that it might eat me, so I ran out, and…”

She rolled her eyes, “There is going to be a good show. How could I miss it?”


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