Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 887

Chapter 887: Consort Shu (1) Translator: Iris8197 Editor: Rock

“Ye Jingchen, Jun Fengling, Yun Luofeng, and Yun Xiao! It’s all your fault, and if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have stood in that place, and wouldn’t have been hit by that mountain.”

Ye Jingxuan gnashed his teeth and blamed everything on Yun Luofeng. He never thought that if he hadn’t ordered the black-robed man to assassinate them, then he wouldn’t have suffered from this.

He just became the victim of his own evil deeds.

“Guards, invite Consort Shu here, telling her that I have something important to discuss with her. If she refuses to come, tell her that I know all her secrets and have ironclad proof in my hand.”

As soon as he ordered this, a figure disappeared from behind him and quickly went to the boundless sky. During these years, he had trained a lot of loyal subordinates. Without Ying, he still had many loyal dogs at his service!

Perhaps his words worked, as a moment later, a woman wearing a bamboo hat furtively appeared at the door. Looking around to make sure that no one was tracking her, she took off her hat, revealing a beautiful face. This woman looked a bit like Jiang Mengyao.

“You wanted to see me?” The woman lifted her chin slightly and condescendingly looked down at Ye Jingxuan.

With the power of Ye Jingxuan, it was a breeze for him to bring her here without being noticed by anyone, but nothing could escape a pair of cunning eyes…

Not discovering Milk Tea hiding in the dark, Ye Jingxuan put a smile on his pale face and said, “Your Highness, I invited you here because I have something important to tell you!”

“Then tell me about it now! I can’t stay away from the Imperial Palace for long,” Consort Shu said impatiently, frowning.

Ye Jingxuan smiled, “As far as I know, Your Highness poisoned the Empress to grab her power, am I right?”

Consort Shu’s face greatly changed and she snapped, “What are you talking about?”

“I think no one knows what I’m talking about better than you. You deceived everyone including your daughter Sixth Princess who even searched for a cure for the Empress, but you can’t hide it from my eyes. I have informants in the Imperial Palace who have told me everything Your Highness did that day! And, I also know… ”

“It’s enough!” Consort Shu turned ghastly pale. “Just tell me what you want me to do!”

Ye Jingxuan slightly narrowed his eyes. “I only need Your Highness to do me a little favor! Tomorrow, I will ask an elder of our family to submit a letter to the Emperor, telling him that Yun Luofeng can cure the Empress and she is willing to die as an apology if she fails. Then you can lace the medicine that Yun Luofeng makes for the Empress with poison! In this way, you can kill the Empress without being found out, and I can eliminate my enemy.”

These days, Ye Jingxuan had sent his men to collect the information about the General’s Estate. It turned out that Yun Luofeng’s parents were old friends of General Jiang. No wonder he treated her so nicely. As for the oral imperial decree he announced that day, it must have been fabricated by him.

It was known to all that His Majesty loved the Empress and thus was very tolerant to the general. Even if the general fabricated an imperial decree, the Emperor would just cover it up for him instead of punishing him.

If His Majesty really took Yun Luofeng so seriously, she would have been invited into the Imperial Palace instead of staying in the Ye Family! Besides, if Yun Luofeng was really granted with the right to kill royal offspring at will, she would have killed Princess Mengyao, because she would surely be jealous of the latter who was far more excellent than her!

Most importantly, His Majesty had never been out of Imperial City, and it was the first time that Yun Luofeng visited here, so how could she know the Emperor? Therefore, Ye Jingxuan came to the conclusion that the Emperor didn’t know Yun Luofeng at all, and that oral imperial decree was just fabricated by the general to protect Yun Luofeng.

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