Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 884 - Shameless Ye Jingxuan (5)

Chapter 884: Shameless Ye Jingxuan (5)
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Yun Xiao turned his eyes to Yun Luofeng and a faint smile appeared on his cold face. “Did you like that?”

If Yun Xiao just moved a slate, Yun Luofeng wouldn’t be surprised, but to her surprise, he moved a mountain with his mind!

Getting no response from Yun Luofeng, Yun Xiao pursed his thin lips. “I used my mind to search around and there was only this mountain nearby. If you think the mountain isn’t big enough, I’ll find a bigger one later.”

Just now, when Ye Jingxuan was forcing Yun Xiao to divorce Yun Luofeng, he didn’t stand up to him to protect his wife because he was busy searching around with his mind and didn’t hear Ye Jingxuan.

“Master Jingxuan!”

The Ye Family people were all dumbfounded, and after quite a while they rushed up to the mountain under which Ye Jingxuan lay. One of them shouted, “Come on, go get some tools. Let’s save Master Jingxuan!”

Hearing his words, someone went to get a shovel. They stuck the edge of this shovel under the bottom edge of the mountain and tried to lift it up. However, the mountain was too heavy to be lifted up, even when prying hard enough that the shovel had broken.

At this moment, an old and disgruntled voice came from the sky. “What happened? Why is it so noisy? And who moved a mountain here?” Up in the sky, Ye Xiang coldly looked down at the people below with a frown.

“Elder Ye Xiang, please come and help us. Master Jingxuan is under this mountain, and we can’t get him out.”

“What?” Ye Xiang was shocked, and quickly came down from the sky and landed on the ground. He put his hands against the mountain, and with a bang, he exerted a powerful force into the mountain. The towering mountain was instantly crushed under his attack and broken stones scattered all over the courtyard.

Ye Jingxuan had already lost his consciousness and lay motionless on the ground, his eyes rolled back.

“Take him back and I’ll find a physician to treat him.” Ye Xiang waved and ordered.

Hearing his order, two guards of the Ye Family came forward and carried Ye Jingxuan towards the backyard. The whole courtyard quieted down, and everyone was stunned at the scene, not knowing what to say.

“Well, now tell me, what happened here?” Ye Xiang coldly glanced at the crowd and with a frown, his eyes resting on the assassin.

“Elder Ye Xiang, Yun Luofeng killed the assassin’s family, so he came to seek revenge, and we were dealing with this matter, but a mountain suddenly popped up.”

He meant that the assassin was innocent and everything was caused by Yun Luofeng, who was the real sinner!

“Is that so?” Ye Xiang’s eyes darkened, and he looked at Yun Luofeng and asked coldly.

Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips. “I killed his family, so he came all the way from afar to kill me. Is that what you mean?”

“Exactly,” the elder nodded hard, “that’s it.”

Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin, “It’s easy to find out the truth. Each person who enters or leaves the city is recorded. Since you claimed that he came from afar, there must be a record of him!”

The elder was stunned. He just echoed Ye Jingxuan, and actually had no idea where the assassin was from.


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