Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 878 - Family Feast (4)

Chapter 878: Family Feast (4)

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The smile on Ye Jingxuan’s face suddenly froze, and he looked at the man who was walking towards Yun Luofeng and turned pale.

This was… impossible!

How could the general know Yun Luofeng?

And it seemed that they had a very good relationship…

“Oh, yes,” Jian Chengwen turned his eyes to Ye Jingxuan who was ghastly pale, “Didn’t you just say that Little Luofeng was not a member of the Ye Family? Is that your decision or an order issued by the master of the Ye Family?”

The cold sweat rolled down from Ye Jingxuan’s forehead, and he subconsciously wiped it off and forced out a few words.

“General, do you… know Yun Luofeng?”

“This girl is my old friend’s daughter, and I happened to meet her here. So of course I know her!”

At this moment, thinking of what he had just said, Ye Jingxuan blushed with shame. He felt his face ache as if being slapped hard.

“General, misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding. I didn’t know you knew her… ”


Jian Chengwen sneered, “My little niece was greatly wronged by all of you, and you tell me it was just a misunderstanding? You have to make up for it, or else I won’t let you go!”

This was what Ye Jingxuan said to Ye Jingchen, and now it was accidentally returned to him by Jian Chengwen.

“That’s enough!”

Jiang Mengyao stood up from the cold floor. She wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and coldly stared at Jian Chengwen. “General, are you abusing public power for a personal grudge? How can you use the state’s soldiers like this? Do you really think that you can be so lawless just because my father dotes on the Empress? I tell you, with me here, you cannot touch anyone of the Ye Family!”

“If my father knew that you are against me for this woman, who do you think he will support?” Jiang Mengyao raised her beautiful little face and cracked an arrogant smile.

She was a princess, her father’s daughter. It was obvious whom he would support.

Jian Chengwen sneered, “Well, I came to deliver an oral instruction of His Majesty! The Emperor hereby decrees that Yun Luofeng shall have a lofty position from now on, second only to the Emperor in the Tianyuan Kingdom! Even the princes and princesses shall salute her, and if any royal offspring is disrespectful to her, she can kill them without reporting to the Emperor. Respect it!”

Reading the oral decree, Jian Chengwen turned to Yun Luofeng and said with a smile, “Little Luofeng, His Majesty wanted to give you an official post, but he knew that you wouldn’t accept it, so he gave you this privilege. From now on, you are second only to His Majesy in the Tianyun Kingdom.”

Ye Jingxuan’s face turned pale, and he stumbled, clenching his teeth. “General, are you kidding? Why would His Majesty suddenly grant her such a privilege without any reason?”

She could kill any royal offspring who was disrespectful to her?!

This privilege had never been granted to anyone before…

So, he firmly believed that Jian Chengwen made up this lie to avenge Yun Luofeng.

“General, I think Uncle Ye is right,” Jiang Mengyao tightly bit her snow-white teeth, her face still arrogant, “It’s impossible for my father to issue such an oral decree, so it must be made up by you, right? Do you know what punishment you will be subject to for making up a royal decree?!”

Just now, Jiang Mengyao said that even her maid was nobler than Yun Luofeng. If her father really gave her such a privilege, what she said just now was like a slap on her own face.

This was something that Jiang Mengyao couldn’t tolerate!


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