Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 877 - Family Feast (3)

Chapter 877: Family Feast (3)
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He firmly believed that it was Ye Jingchen who attacked them because only Ye Jingchen was able to do this.

Just as Yun Xiao was going to attack them again, a resonant voice suddenly came from the outside.

“Am I late?

Ye Jingxuan paused and looked up only to see an armored middle-aged man with a big smile on his dignified face stride in. Seeing that Jian Chengwen suddenly showed up, Ye Jingxuan was a little bit nervous. In the Imperial City, the one he feared most was him, the famous State Guardian General!

As for the reason he feared him, it wasn’t because he was the Empress’s brother, but that as an experienced veteran, Jian Chengwen looked really terrifying with his hardened, naturally released murderous aura.

“General, why did you come here?”

Ye Jingxuan hurriedly came up to greet him and asked respectfully. He didn’t dare to offend this guy, so he behaved very humbly in front of Jian Chengwen.

Jian Chengwen glanced at Ye Jingxuan, ” I heard that Master Jingchen’s son had returned to the Ye Family, so I specifically came here to congratulate you, and look for someone by the way.”

Ye Jingxuan paused and looked at Jiang Mengyao, who still had blood on the corners of her mouth.

Did the general come for Princess Mengyao?

If he learned that the princess was injured in the Ye Family, he would probably cut Yun Luofeng and her accomplices to pieces, and even I might be killed by him…

After all, with her excellent medical skills, the sixth princess would be able to cure the Empress. How could Jian Chengwen not avenge her?

“Well…” Ye Jingxuan wiped the cold sweat from his brow and with embarrassment said, “Sixth Princess will go back to the Imperial Palace soon. How dare we bother you? Please let us escort her back.”

Jian Chengwen frowned, “Who told you I came here for Sixth Princess?”

Ye Jingxuan was stunned, “Not for Sixth Princess? Then you… ”

“I’m looking for Yun Luofeng!

Hearing his words, the whole banquet hall buzzed, and everyone stood up, with a look of astonishment in their eyes

The general came here for Yun Luofeng?

Did she offend some big shot outside, and the general came here to arrest her? We knew that Yun Luofeng was a troublemaker! We really shouldn’t allow her to stay in the Ye Family.

“Your Excellency, please listen to me. Yun Luofeng is only Jun Fengling’s daughter-in-law and has nothing to do with our Ye Family, and we’ll never recognize her as a member of our family! If she has offended you, you can just take her away and do whatever you want to her. We in the Ye Family won’t have any objection to it.”

Ye Jingxuan glared at Yun Luofeng. Now that she had offended the general, she was going to have a hard time!

However, he didn’t notice that after he said these words, Jian Chengwen’s face darkened.


Jun Fengling subconsciously grabbed Yun Luofeng’s arm and stared at Jian Chengwen. If he dared to do anything bad to Luofeng, she would do anything to stop him!

Yun Xiao also released a chilly aura, his face grim and cold.

Attracted by his aura that was filled with murderous power, Jian Chengwen took a look at him.

“It’s said that Master Jingchen’s son, who has been missing for years, is a trash, but I think he is more excellent than anyone else! Hahaha!” Jian Chengwen laughed out loud, and quickly went up to Yun Luofeng, “Little Luofeng, you are treated like this in the Ye Family? Why don’t you come live with me in my estate? At least you won’t need to put up with these people there!”


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