Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 876 - Family Feast (2)

Chapter 876: Family Feast (2)

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“What the h*ll are you doing?!”

As the first one who realized what she had done, Ye Jingxuan jumped to his feet and glared at Yun Luofeng.

If looks could kill, Yun Luofeng would have been cut into pieces by his glare.

She wickedly glanced at him, “Since you don’t want us to attend it, then…no one can attend.”

Yes, that was her way. You ruined my dinner time? Fine, then no one could enjoy their dinner time!

“What a rude woman!” Jiang Mengyao wiped her mouth with a handkerchief, and glanced at Yun Luofeng with contempt. “Even a maid of our royal family is better educated than you! Besides, Uncle Ye was right! Even my maid deserves a seat more than you!”

Jiang Mengyao did have reasons to be proud. As a princess, she had a very noble status, and she was also gifted. Who in the younger generation could be compared with her? But Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao were exceptions who hadn’t even looked at her since they entered the hall, as if she was invisible. They just ignored her!

How could Jiang Mengyao, who had become used to people’s praises and compliments, tolerate this?

Encouraged by her words, the elders of the Ye Family also blamed Yun Luofeng, “Master Jingchen, Madam, we can tolerate her rudeness to the Ye Family people, but now she even dared to ruin the family feast in Sixth Princess’s presence. Shouldn’t you punish her?”

“Sixth Princess is so honorable. If she is willing to recommend you, you might even get a chance to serve the royal family! But you just treated her so rudely! You must make up for what you did just now, or else we won’t let you go!”

“Yes! We’ll never let you go! This time, even Master will not be able to shield you!”

“She must apologize to Sixth Princess. Otherwise, we shall expel them again!”

Ye Jingchen’s face darkened bit by bit, his mild eyes became as sharp as swords, and he glared at those old men who were yelling at him, releasing an aggressive aura.

“Make up? For what?” Ye Jingchen sneered and mocked, “Yes, Jiang Mengyao may be honorable, but is my daughter-in-law inferior to her? Don’t you think you are going too far? Now, let me tell you, ten Jiang Mengyaos added up would be no match for my daughter-in-law!”


Someone in the crowd burst out laughing, and then the others followed him. Soon their laughter resounded throughout the banquet hall, and some of them even convulsed with laughter.

What did they just hear?

Ten Princess Mengyaos added up would not be a match for Yun Luofeng?

Did Ye Jingchen know what he was talking about? Even one Princess Mengyao would be able to trample Yun Luofeng under her feet.

Hearing their laughter, Yun Xiao’s eyes darkened, and he suddenly released all his power, turning the atmosphere in the hall oppressive.

And then…

He moved!

He moved so quickly that in the blink of an eye, Ye Jingxuan’s body had flown out and heavily fallen into the mess on the floor.


“Uncle Ye!”

Greatly shocked, Ye Tianwen and Jiang Mengyao were going to check Ye Jingxuan’s condition, but just then, a strong force came from behind and violently slammed them. They fell to the ground and blood gushed out from their mouths.

“Ye Jingchen!”

Covering his chest with a hand, Ye Jingxuan struggled to get up and glared at Ye Jingchen, “I call you Elder Brother because I respect you. Don’t push me too hard! I can tolerate you beating me, but why did you even beat Princess Mengyao? Do you want to make trouble for the Ye Family?”


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