Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 874 - Blood Test (6)

Chapter 874: Blood Test (6)
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However, as soon as he said these, Ye Xiang’s voice rang behind him.

“Master doesn’t mean that he wants to expel Yun Xiao, but he is allowing Yun Xiao to choose to be a member of the Ye Family or the Yun Family.”

Ye Xiang didn’t understand why the old man would make such a decision, but as his loyal subordinate, he would never disobey any order from him.

Ye Jingxuan’s smile suddenly froze. “Impossible! He doesn’t even want to change his last name, and he has married himself into another family. How can Father allow him to do these things?”

“Second Young Master, it’s the Master’s decision. We have to obey it.” Ye Xiang frowned, “Now that the test is over, you people can leave now.”

Ye Jingxuan’s face turned from green to white, and then from white to green.

In the end, he laughed grimly, with a sarcastic smile on his lips, “Brother, I really feel sorry for you. You finally have a son, but it turns out that he is a trash. If he wasn’t a trash, then maybe I would respect you guys more.”

He thought that Yun Xiao was a trash, so he was so unscrupulous to them.

“And…,” Ye Jingxuan paused and smiled proudly, “Your daughter-in-law is simply no match for Princess Mengyao, who has acquired excellent medical skills and is doted on by His Majesty. If she can cure the Empress, she will become the Crown Princess. Now you tell me, how can you compare with me?”

He said these to provoke Ye Jingchen, so he deliberately lowered his voice. However, with their sharp ears, Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng both heard it. Hearing Ye Jingxuan’s words, Yun Luofeng just took them as a joke, but Yun Xiao wouldn’t allow anyone to humiliate Yun Luofeng! So he moved his fingers and released a trace of spiritual energy, which hit Ye Jingxuan’s knee…


Caught off guard, Ye Jingxuan immediately knelt in front of Ye Jingchen.

All other people, including Ye Jingchen himself, were stunned at his movement.


Ye Tianwen turned pale, wondering what had happened.

Not saying anything, Jiang Mengyao slightly frowned and examined them with skeptical eyes…

“Younger brother, why do you kneel to me?” Ye Jingchen smiled mockingly but his tone sounded very polite, “Even if you want me to leave with Xiao’er, you don’t have to kneel down to beg me. As your brother, I never want to upset you like this. Get up. I’ll leave the Ye Family. Just give me some time to pack.”

Cunning as he was, Ye Jingchen wouldn’t miss the chance to embarrass Ye Jingxuan, though he didn’t know why he knelt down to him.

Hearing his words, Ye Jingxuan was speechless. When did he ask Ye Jingchen to leave with Yun Xiao? However, knowing well about plots, he soon figured out his brother’s intention, and he gnashed his teeth in hatred.

This guy was trying to frame him!

If Ye Jingchen really left, people would denounce him for expelling his own elder brother!

After all, things had changed now. Back then, he expelled Ye Jingchen out of the Ye Family because he didn’t have an offspring. But now Ye Jingchen already had a son. How could he do it again?

“I was just joking, Elder Brother,” Ye Jingxuan forced a smile, “and I’m not kneeling to you. I just stumbled.”

Ye Jingxuan got up from the ground and rubbed his knee, “Since my nephew has returned, as his uncle, I want to welcome him. I’ll hold a family feast tonight, and I hope my nephew can attend it.”

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