Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 873 - Blood Test (5)

Chapter 873: Blood Test (5)

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Jun Fengling was relieved to see that. Although she didn’t know why the drops of blood mixed together, she knew that it must have something to do with Yun Luofeng!

“The result of the blood test has proven that Yun Xiao is really a descendant of the Ye Family!”

Looking at Ye Jingchen with a complicated look, the old man imperceptibly sighed and announced the decision.

Hearing this, the quiet crowd became boisterous, and everyone was discussing it. Of course, their topic was about Yun Xiao.

Jun Fengling was no longer a woman of loose morals in their eyes, and Ye Jingchen was no longer a cuckold.

But now they had a new topic…

That was that Yun Xiao was a trash!

A trash, who was expelled by his family, turned out to be a member of the Ye Family, which was really unacceptable to the Ye Family people.


As the public was discussing it, Ye Xiang, who kept silent just now, came out of the crowd and made an obeisance, “Since he is really a descendant of the Ye Family, his name should be recorded into our genealogy after he changes his last name to Ye.”

Ye Xiang said that for the good of Ye Jingchen.

The old man nodded. Over the years, the Ye Family owed him too much, and in any case, he would strive for the greatest benefits for his son.

When Ye Xiang said that, a cold voice suddenly arose, causing another uproar.

“My last name is Yun and I’m a member of the Yun Family!”

Elder Ye Xiang wanted to bring him back to the Ye Family, but he refused? How did the trash have the nerve to say this?

Ye Xiang tried to restrain his anger, and said sullenly, “Master Xiao, as a descendant of the Ye Family, how can you be a member of the Yun Family?”

The man looked as cold as ever, but his tone was resolute, “I have married myself to Feng’er, so I’m a member of the Yun Family!”

He said he ‘married himself to’ instead of ‘married’ Yun Luofeng, which showed Yun Luofeng’s position in his heart.

“How dare you!” Ye Jingxuan’s face darkened and he snapped, “Yun Xiao, do you know what you’re talking about? A male descendant married into another family will be a disgrace to our family! I will never allow this to happen!”

Ye Jingxuan didn’t want Yun Xiao to come back to the Ye Family, but he couldn’t tolerate him doing this! Otherwise, the Ye Family would become the laughing stock of the world!

Yun Xiao turned his cold eyes to Ye Jingxuan, “For me, it is my pride to marry myself into the Yun Family.”

“You… ”

Ye Jingxuan became furious. Rolling his eyes, he looked at the cold man and said, “Father, since he doesn’t want to change his last name, our family doesn’t need a trash. Father, please expel him out of the Ye Family and never put his name into our genealogy.”

If Yun Xiao was not a member of the Ye Family, nothing he did would have anything to do with the Ye Family! And he wouldn’t need to bear this disgrace!

In the midair, the old man aloofly looked at Yun Xiao, “Since he doesn’t want to change his last name, let him be.”


Ye Jingxuan was stunned, wondering what the old man meant.

“That’s it. I’m tired. Ye Xiang will deal with the matter.”

The old man flicked his sleeves and turned away.

Before he left, he seemed to cast a casual glance at Ye Jingchen, his eyes so complicated…

Hearing his words, Ye Jingxuan looked at Ye Jingchen grimly and sneered, “Elder brother, don’t blame me for being harsh with you. You have heard what Father said. He doesn’t admit that Yun Xiao is his grandson, so I’ll expel him for Father!”


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