Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 872 - Blood Test (4)

Chapter 872: Blood Test (4)

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“Father, Mother, Yun Xiao and I were so tired last night that I overslept. Are we late?”

Everyone knew what she was implying by saying ‘they were tired last night’. So no one could blame them for coming late…

Yun Luofeng did get up late!

When she left the God Code Space, it was early in the morning! But she still needed to decoct a medicinal soup for Yun Xiao. After Yun Xiao drank it, his blood could be mixed together with any type of blood. That was why she came late.

Seeing Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao walking towards her, Jun Fengling smiled, “It doesn’t matter. The most important thing for you is to make a baby.”

Annoyed by her words, the crowd stared at Jun Fengling reproachfully.

“Sister-in-law,” Ye Jingxuan’s face darkened and he said coldly, “your daughter-in-law is too disrespectful. She neither salutes the princess nor respects her elders! Shouldn’t you discipline her?”

Jun Fengling coldly glanced at Ye Jingxuan, “My daughter-in-law is just like me. No matter how ‘disrespectful’ she is, I’m glad to see it. Anything else?”

Ye Jingxuan’s face immediately turned purple with anger. Over the years, Jun Fengling kept a low profile in the Ye Family, so he had forgotten how presumptuous the woman could be!

He wants me to rebuke my daughter-in-law for him? In his dreams!

“Women better be obedient,” Snubbed by Jun Fengling, Ye Jingxuan turned his eyes to Yun Xiao. “If you want to be a member of the Ye Family, you have to discipline your wife! A man who can’t discipline his woman is just a trash!”

Yun Xiao said coldly and expressionlessly, “Only a useless man would lord it over his wife.”

He meant that only a useless man would bully his wife.

A man of real strength would try his best to protect his wife but treat his enemy harshly.

Ye Jingxuan’s face turned blacker. Was this guy saying that he was useless?

In his mind, women were only accessories for men, and even the most powerful and excellent women would be no exception!

“Is everyone here?

Suddenly an old voice came from the sky, and soon an old man appeared in the sky, his white robe fluttering as he stood in the air as if on the ground.

He coldly glanced at the people below. His eyes stopped when he spotted Ye Jingchen, but soon he turned his eyes away as if nothing had happened.

“Now that everyone is here, let’s start the blood test.”

“Yes, Master!”

Hearing this, people began to prepare for the blood test, and soon, someone quickly walked in with a basin of water and put it onto the altar.

As if feeling Jun Fengling’s nervousness, Ye Jingchen held her hand tightly to encourage her. Then, he steadily walked towards the altar.

“Wait for me.”

Yun Xiao leaned over and whispered to Yun Luofeng, “I’ll be back soon.”

Then he turned around and quickly walked to the altar.

Ye Jingchen dripped a drop of blood into the basin, leaving small ripples on the water’s surface. At the same time, Yun Xiao, expressionless, also dripped a drop of blood into it, dyeing the water red…

In the beginning, the two drops of blood drifted on different sides, but soon they mixed together under the public’s gaze.

Yes! They mixed together as witnessed by the crowd!


Everyone gasped in shock. None of them expected that Jun Fengling’s illegitimate son was really Ye Jingchen’s son!


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