Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 871 - Blood Test (3)

Chapter 871: Blood Test (3)
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Ye Jingchen held a decisive position in the Ye Family back then, so the grand princess couldn’t force him to marry her no matter how much she wanted! But now Ye Jingxuan had become the Master of the Ye Family. She was sure that the Ye Family wouldn’t mind her killing Jun Fengling.

“Brother Ye,” Raising her hand to stop Ye Jingchen’s movements, Jun Fengling coldly smiled, a sharp gleam in her bright eyes, “Let me deal with it!”

Ye Jingchen paused and withdrew his hand, nodding slightly, “Okay.”

The smile on her face spread, but didn’t reach her eyes that looked unfathomable right now.

“You want my man?”

The grand princess snorted, “Brother Ye is my man, and you, shameless b*tch, stole him from me! So, it’s you who stole my man!”


As soon as the grand princess finished, the crowd felt a fierce gust of wind blow over, and then they saw the red-robed woman reach the front of the grand princess and slap her hard. Soon, the whole altar field quieted down.

“Does my tolerance of you make you believe I am afraid of you? I’ve never been afraid of anyone! If it weren’t for sparing Brother Ye unnecessary troubles, I would have killed you ten years ago!”

The grand princess covered her cheeks and resentfully glared at Jun Fengling, gnashing her teeth, “Guards, what are you waiting for? This woman has attacked me, which is a mortal crime. Now kill her! And her b*stard can go to hell as well!

“Who dares to touch her?!”

When the guards were going to surround Jun Fengling, Ye Jingchen angrily shouted and stood in front of Jun Fengling, looking around with murderous eyes.


At the moment, Jiang Mengyao, who kept silent until now, finally stopped the guards and said aloofly, “Royal Aunt, we’re here to witness the blood test, not to give you a chance to make trouble.”

The grand princess was a bit scared of this niece, so she reluctantly backed down after hearing her words. “Brother Ye, I know you have been bewitched by this woman. I’m sure that one day, you will regret your choice.”

Ignoring this farce, Jiang Mengyao turned her eyes to Ye Tianwen, “Tianwen, why hasn’t the blood test started yet?”

Ye Tianwen lowered his eyes, concealing the insidious look in his eyes. After quite a while, he looked up to Jiang Mengyao and answered with a gentle voice, “I don’t know why Yun Xiao hasn’t come. Maybe something happened that made him terrified of the blood test.”

He was implying that Yun Xiao was afraid to accept the blood test. As for the reason…would there be any other reason except that he was a fake descendent of the Ye Family?

Sure enough, Jiang Mengyao believed him and sneered, “Master Jingchen, I’m so sorry to hear that you were cuckolded! So that boy is not your son? How ridiculous that you gave up a princess for such a woman! Do you regret it?”

Ye Jingchen slightly narrowed his eyes and smiled mockingly, “It’s not time yet. Why are you sure that Xiao’er won’t come? Besides, my father hasn’t shown up. How can we start the blood test now?

As soon as he finished, a lazy voice resounded throughout the bustling altar field, and everyone quieted down.


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