Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 870 - Blood Test (2)

Chapter 870: Blood Test (2)

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“Her Highness Sixth Princess arrived!”

A shrill voice suddenly rang and the crowd immediately quieted down.

Under the public stare, a sedan was carried in by guards, on top of which sat a beautiful light yellow-robed woman, who looked elegant and noble and was looking down at the crowd condescendingly.

“Mengyao, you’ve come?”

Ye Tianwen’s eyes lit up. He quickly walked towards Jiang Mengyao and held out his hand to her, a gentle smile on his handsome face. Different from his usual grim self, Ye Tianwen now looked like a handsome beau, sending out a strong charming aura.

Jiang Mengyao’s face softened. She softly placed her wrist on the back of Ye Tianwen’s hand, jumped down from the sedan with his help and fell steadily at his side.

“Welcome, Your Highness.”

Seeing that Jiang Mengyao had shown up, all the people by the altar field knelt down except Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling who stood among the crowd and were quite visible.

“Brother Ye!”

At this moment, a court maid-dressed woman crazily ran towards Ye Jingchen and soon stopped in front of Ye Jingchen, her voice extremely excited.

Hearing the woman’s shrill voice, Ye Jingchen was stunned, but in the next minute he recognized the woman in front of him and his face immediately darkened, “Grand Princess, why are you here?”

He had heard that the grand princess was under house arrest as ordered by the emperor. It never occurred to him that she would come out of the Imperial Palace with Jiang Mengyao disguised as a court maid!

“Brother Ye, you finally came back!” the grand princess said excitedly, with tears in her eyes, “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you here? I refused to get married despite my Royal Brother’s order because I just wanted to wait for you… ”

Fearing that the grand princess’s spittle would splash onto his face, Ye Jingchen stepped back, a disgusted look in his tender eyes.

“Grand Princess, please respect yourself!

“Respect myself?

His words completely irritated the grand princess, and she looked rather angry, “How can you ask me to respect myself? I’m better than this woman beside you anyway! She flirtatiously holds your arm in public. Isn’t she afraid of being ridiculed by people?”

The grand princess glared at Jun Fengling, gnashing her teeth.

If it weren’t for this woman, I would have become Brother Ye’s wife. This woman stole my beloved Brother Ye from me!

Unfortunately, the grand princess was just deceiving herself! Even without Jun Fengling, Ye Jingchen would not marry her!

“Grand Princess, are you kidding?” Ye Jingchen sneered, “Jun’er is my wife, so it’s no problem for her to do this to me. How can you call it flirtatious? Rather, you, as an unmarried woman, keep chasing a married man. Do you have any sense of shame?”

“Brother Ye, you scold me? You scold me for this woman?” The grand princess pointed at Jun Fengling and shouted furiously, “Fine, then let me kill this woman right now. I’ll see how you protect her! Guards, capture Jun Fengling and cut her to pieces!”

Hearing her order, the guards looked at each other, wondering what to do, but when they found that Jiang Mengyao didn’t stop the grand princess, they had to bite the bullet and press on toward Jun Fengling.

The grand princess proudly raised her chin. “Jun Fengling, you are just a b*tch who stole my man! If Brother Ye hadn’t been seduced by you, he would not have abandoned me and married you!”


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