Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 867 - Treating the Empress's Illness (4)

Chapter 867: Treating the Empress’s Illness (4)
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Right now, she only felt that from the rear view of this woman, it could be seen that she was definitely very young. Jiang Mengyao had always believed that no one among the younger generation would have medicinal skills surpassing her!

For an illness that she couldn’t cure, how could this young lady accomplish it?

“Imperial Father, believe in me. I am confident in curing the Empress and as long as you give me time, I will definitely succeed.”

“Enough!” The Emperor’s expression looked cold as he snapped, “Since you claim that you can cure the Empress, then let me ask you, what illness is the Empress inflicted with?”

Jiang Mengyao’s voice was hesitant, “I don’t know… but I’m still young and I can continue studying and one day…”

“You’re young? You’re indeed young, but the Empress can’t wait!” the Emperor coldly smiled and waved his hands. “If you have nothing else, withdraw and don’t hinder the Empress’s treatment!”

Jiang Mengyao lowered her eyes. “Yes, Imperial Father.”

Having said this she turned, intending to leave, but before she left, she used her cold eyes and looked at Yun Luofeng…

For over two decades, medicine was something she was intensely proud of. She believed that she was a talent and even her Imperial Father had to flatter her. Thus she had dared to speak in such a tone.

However, at this moment, her Imperial Father would rather listen to a swindler than give her an opportunity…

Jiang Mengyao clenched her teeth and firmly pushed the door open. One day, her Imperial Father would understand that there wasn’t anyone who had medical skills surpassing her within the same generation.

Any physicians who boasted of their medical skills were all swindlers!

Not long after Jiang Mengyao left, they saw a eunuch holding onto a porcelain bottle walking in with haste as he respectfully reported. “Your Majesty, your servant has brought the dragon’s blood.”

“Put the dragon’s blood down and you can retreat.”

The Emperor nodded his head slightly and ordered in a tone containing indifference.

“Your servant obeys!”

The eunuch bowed and withdrew while within the entire Imperial chamber, there were only Yun Luofeng and a few people other than the Emperor and Empress…

“Let’s begin,” Yun Luofeng took the porcelain bottle and carefully opened it.

In that instant, inside the porcelain bottle was scarlet red blood radiating a gem-like crystal luster.

Without hesitation, Yun Luofeng took out a stalk of spirit grass from her space ring and immediately dipped it into the dragon’s blood. The green spirit grass dipped into the dragon’s blood was instantly dyed red like the color of blood, bewitching yet crystal clear.

“Let her consume it.”

Yun Luofeng passed the spirit grass dyed in dragon’s blood to Jian Chengwen as she spoke.

Jian Chengwen nodded and after taking the spirit grass and walking before the Empress, he was still originally hesitating about how he should let her consume it. However, when the spirit grass was just placed beside the Empress’s lips, it became animated and entered her mouth in an instant, shocking him at the same time.

“And that is it?” Jian Chengwen blinked and looked at Yun Luofeng in puzzlement.

Yun Luofeng smiled. “After the spirit grass was soaked with dragon’s blood, it became spiritually animated and in another hour, the parasite in the Empress’s body will be undone. I shall take a leave first.”

“Alright,” Jian Chengwen raised his lips slightly, “Xiao Luofeng, those medicinal herbs you deserve, I’ll dispatch men to send it to you.”

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes, “I’ll have Ye Ximo fetch the medicinal herbs at that time. Besides that… you have no use for this dragon’s blood, so you might as well gift it to me.”

“Since Miss Yun likes it, you can have it. Haha.”

The Emperor was clearly in a good mood and granted whatever was asked for. Furthermore, solely based on the fact that Yun Luofeng had cured the Empress, he wouldn’t refuse her request.

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