Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 866 - Treating the Empress's Illness (3)

Chapter 866: Treating the Empress’s Illness (3)

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“Let her in.”

Just then, a hoarse voice could be heard from the bedroom that was slightly irritated and unpredictable. Jiang Mengyao did not care much and pushed open the door and entered the chamber.

“Imperial Father.”

After entering, Jiang Mengyao bowed and when she looked up, her line of sight fell on the white-robed person before her. As the young lady’s back was facing her, she couldn’t see her appearance but from just her rear view, it caused her to be stunned.

The Emperor’s expression sank, and he coldly asked, “Mengyao, the Empress is bedridden due to a serious illness so why are you making a big fuss outside?”

Jiang Mengyao snorted, “Imperial Father, you’re also aware that the Empress is ill, so why did you bring this woman before the Empress’s bedside? Are you trying to agitate her and make her have an early demise?”

“Presumptuous!” The Emperor furiously shouted and a palm struck on the table, “Who allowed you to shout at me and even curse the Empress? Jiang Mengyao, I thought you were my most sensible daughter but I never expected you were also so unruly and rash! You’ve made me extremely disappointed!”


Jiang Mengyao coldly smiled and looked at the Emperor without fear. “Imperial Father, you and the Empress are very much in love all these years, but have you thought about my Imperial Mother who sits alone at home? However, so be it, as who in the Imperial City can rival the Empress for your pampering? It is just that at this moment the Empress is ill, yet you’re thinking of taking in a concubine? Wouldn’t such an action make you muddle-headed and tyrannical?”

The Emperor’s expression suddenly changed and his palms slapped towards Jiang Mengyao as he furiously berated, “Immediately apologize to her!”

A ridiculing smile curved upon Jian Mengyao’s lips as she walked towards Yun Luofeng with quick steps. “I’d like to see who this woman is who made Imperial Father, who was devoted to the Empress, be infatuated to such extent!”

From the start, because the Emperor did not let others know that Yun Luofeng entered the palace to treat the Empress, he did not announce her identity. As such, those people from the Imperial Palace had regarded her as a woman the Emperor summoned.

“Hold it!”

Seeing Jiang Mengyao walking to Yun Luofeng’s side, a robust figure suddenly appeared behind her and tightly held on her shoulders with a gloomy expression. “Sixth Princess, you’re being rude. This young lady isn’t the Emperor’s woman. She’s a physician, and the Emperor invited her to treat the Empress.”

Jian Chengwen coldly stared at Jiang Mengyao’s back as he coldly spoke. “Furthermore, this lady isn’t fond of others seeing her appearance. If you were to violate her conditions, how are you going to assume responsibility if she rejects treating the Empress after taking offense?”

He certainly understood that even if the Empress were to recover, the Emperor wouldn’t reveal this matter to the public. Therefore, he had never announced Yun Luofeng’s identity. However, in recent days, the Emperor had invited countless physicians but all returned without any achievements! Thus, even if Yun Luofeng were to cure the Empress, they could also lie to the public that she failed!

As for not letting Jiang Mengyao meet Yun Luofeng, that was in consideration for Yun Luofeng, as he was afraid it would incur trouble for her. As expected, after hearing Jian Chengwen’s words, Jiang Mengyao stopped her footsteps and no longer dared to act blindly without thinking.

Even so, she still clenched her teeth. “There are countless physicians in the Imperial Palace, and they are unable to treat the Empress so how can such a little brat succeed? Imperial Father, General, don’t be deceived!”

In fact, the Emperor had recruited many respected physicians outside and while standing before them, Jiang Mengyao did not say anything against them.

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