Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 865 - Treating the Empress’s Illness (2)

Chapter 865: Treating the Empress's Illness (2)

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The Emperor hugged his head in bitterness, and his eyes were filled with anguish as he stared at the beautiful woman lying on the bed and completely lacking color on her face. “I ought to accept my fate. The Empress’s illness cannot be diagnosed and treated, so how can I desire for her recovery?”

Jian Chengwen also turned taciturn. Initially, after witnessing Yun Luofeng curing Xuan Tian’s illness without difficulty, he naturally had huge hopes of the Empress being cured, but right now he sank into despair.

Even so, Jian Chengwen feared that Yun Luofeng would feel guilty, so he raised his hands to pat her shoulders. “Xiao Luofeng, you did your best, this is your Aunt Xue’s fate.”

Jian Chengwen seemed to have used up his entire energy to speak the last sentence, causing him to become weak and powerless, as if he would collapse on the ground anytime.

Yun Luofeng glanced at him. “Did I say I was unable to cure her?”

Jian Chengwen froze, not understanding the meaning behind Yun Luofeng’s words.

Even the Emperor kneeling beside the bed couldn’t help but raise his head and look at the bewitching young lady standing on her feet in the palace.

“You mean…”

“Her illness is somewhat troublesome but not entirely incurable,” Yun Luofeng’s fingers lightly caressed her jaw as her expression was serious. “However, I require some medicinal herbs that are hard to obtain…”

The Emperor immediately stood up and his original expression of death instantly recovered as he hastily walked up with an excited expression. “As long as you can cure the Empress, I will definitely obtain those medicinal herbs!”

“With dragon’s blood as the guide and spirit grass as the cure, it’ll be sufficient to eliminate the parasite in her body. I have the spirit grass, but dragon’s blood isn’t easily obtainable.”

Dragon’s blood?

The Emperor stared blankly for a moment and spoke hesitatingly, “I remember a few years back among the tributes, one of the treasures presented was dragon’s blood and would this suffice?”

“As long as it’s dragon’s blood, it’ll serve its purpose.”

“That’s great,” Without the previous cloudy emotions, the Emperor turned radiant and commanded, “Men, fetch the dragon’s blood within the state treasury.”

“Your subordinate obeys.” A eunuch cupped his fists and withdrew from the palace.

However, at the time everyone was waiting for the dragon’s blood, a cold and detached voice came through from the outside, “Step aside, I want to see Imperial Father!”

“Your Highness, the Emperor has ordered, during this period of time, no one is allowed to enter the Empress’s palace.”

“Why? You’re thinking of obstructing my path?”

Outside the door, the woman’s voice carried a hint of ridicule. “Don’t assume I’m unaware that Imperial Father summoned a woman from an unknown place! I merely want to see who that woman is, to have seduced my Imperial Father and let him bring her into the Empress’s palace.”

Jiang Mengyao’s eyes slightly lowered, and a cold intention flashed through her eyes.

Within the Imperial Palace, even though the Sixth Princess Jiang Mengyao had an arrogant and proud temperament, she was not someone who got angry easily. However, right now she completely disregarded her reputation and wanted to meet the woman summoned into the palace.

Unfortunately, the reason she was in such rage wasn’t that of the Empress, but her Imperial Mother who stayed alone in an empty room for many years…

She originally thought that after rushing about for the Empress’s illness, her Imperial Father would pamper her Imperial Mother on the basis that she had toiled so much. Instead, she didn’t expect what she waited was, for her Imperial Father to summon a woman into the palace.

Especially, he had brought the woman into the Empress’s bedroom. Could it be that because the Empress was about to meet her fate, and Imperial Father wanted to establish her as the next Empress?

She would definitely never allow such things to happen!

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