Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 859 - People from the Imperial Palace (2)

Chapter 859: People from the Imperial Palace (2)

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The moment Jiang Mengyao entered the outskirts of the imperial bedroom she heard sounds of items thrown on the ground. Shortly after, a woman’s furious shout sounded.

She was slightly startled as she pushed the door opened and walked in with slow steps. What she saw was complete disorder and a beautiful woman wearing royal clothing with her hands on her waist while furiously berating the palace maid kneeling before her.

Those palace maids were clearly shocked silly as they quivered uncontrollably.

“A group of trash! Immediately scram from my sight! This princess wants to find my other half, and who allowed you to restrict my freedom?”

The palace maids lowered their head shivering, “Grand Princess, it’s the Emperor’s orders and your servant doesn’t have a choice.”

The grand princess became increasingly furious and kicked the palace maid flying with her foot. Her eyes were shooting out flames of fury as she angrily said, “This princess doesn’t care whose order it is, and you must let me out! If you continue obstructing my path, I’ll immediately slaughter nine generations of your family!”

Although the grand princess was pampered and spoiled since childhood, her strength wasn’t weak. With this kick, it hurt so much that the palace maid turned pale and huge beads of sweat fell from her forehead.

Just then a lily-white hand reached out and supported the palace maid’s body. The palace maid was stunned and turning back, she saw a breathtaking face capable of causing the downfall of a city.

“Sixth Princess.”

The palace maid recovered her senses and hastily knelt before Jiang Mengyao and spoke trembling with fear. “Your servant wasn’t aware of Sixth Princess’s arrival and did not welcome your arrival from afar. I ask for your forgiveness.”

Jiang Mengyao waved her hands nonchalantly and ordered, “You can withdraw.”


The palace maid stood up while lamenting in her heart.

Both as the Imperial Family’s princess, the grand princess was unruly and willful, arrogant and unreasonable, yet the sixth princess’s temperament was gentle and even facing her servants, she wasn’t wilful in the slightest.

“Imperial Aunt,” Jiang Mengyao faintly smiled and walked towards her, “What caused you to be angered and not hesitate to raise your hands against innocent palace maids?”

The Grand Princes clenched her teeth with unwillingness written across her face. “Isn’t it because Brother Ye’s back and I wanted to look for him? Yet, Imperial Brother forbade me from leaving my quarters, so I could only use them to vent my anger.”

Even though this grand princess had maintained herself, she couldn’t cover up the wrinkles on the outer corners of her eyes.

One can imagine the sort of nauseous feeling when a woman of nearly forty years used such a delicate tone to address Brother Ye.

Jiang Mengyao also furrowed her brows. “I am aware of this and in addition, I heard another piece of news. The illegitimate child Jun Fengling had outside is Ye Jingchen’s biological son.”


Jiang Mengyao’s words thoroughly irritated the grand princess and she instantly flew into a rage. “That slut actually had Brother Ye’s son? What right did she have to have a son for Brother Ye? Comparing our backgrounds and beauty, how can she be compared to me?”

Looking at the grand princess sinking into a deranged state, Princess Jiang Mengyao shook her head.

Yesterday when she met Ye Jingchen and his wife outside the city gates, she had naturally met Jun Fengling. She had to say, time had not left any traces on her face and she was still as beautiful as before, while her imperial aunt couldn’t be compared to her.

The only thing that could surpass Jun Fengling was just the status she had as the Imperial Family’s Grand Princess.

“Imperial Aunt,” Jiang Mengyao was silent for a while before she spoke, “In another two days, it will be Jun Fengling’s son Blood Identification Ceremony. At that time, I will bring you to the Ye Family, but you have to promise me that regardless of anything, you won’t act blindly without thinking!”

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