Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 858 - People from the Imperial Palace (1)

Chapter 858: People from the Imperial Palace (1)
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Within the luxurious royal palace, on a lavish wide bed, a beautiful woman had her eyes closed, laying quietly and peacefully.

He face was almost transparent, seemingly like a baby’s skin that would break upon touch.

A man in dragon robes sat beside her and held her slender hands tightly, with interlocked fingers and resolution on his face. “Rest assured, my Empress, I will definitely find that young lady to cure you, regardless of how huge the costs!”

At this moment, an aged figure walked in with quick steps and hastily arrived beside the dragon robed man and reported. “Your Majesty, your subject has found that lady.”

“Xuan Tian, is what you say the truth?” The dragon-robed man stood up in haste and his face was filled with delight.

The aged man nodded. “Yesterday, Ye Ximo had walked out from the restaurant together with this lady and there are several witnesses. As such, your subject investigated with this lead and found out that she is the Ye Family Madam’s daughter-in-law.”

“Good! Then I’ll immediately meet with this lady and personally invite her to treat the Empress!” The dragon-robed man’s eyes were filled with happiness.

Ever since the Empress fell ill, he had almost fallen into desperation, and after finally finding a life-saving straw, he would never give it up.

“Your Majesty, that lady’s medical skills are still currently unknown and thus, your subject suggests to use me as an experiment and invite her to cure my illness. If she can successfully treat your subject’s old illness, then we shall invite her to diagnose for the Empress.”

The dragon-robed man was silent for a while and lightly nodded his head. “Alright, we’ll go along with your idea but I have another request. When looking for her, it can’t be within the Ye Family!”

“Why?” The aged man froze as he furrowed his eyebrow and asked.

The dragon-robed man coldly spoke, “We have yet to find the culprit who plotted against the Empress. Therefore, before then, we cannot let others know that I am finding physicians to treat the Empress’s illness. Even if the Empress illness has a turnaround, we still cannot let anyone know!”

Speaking of this, the dragon-robed man sighed. “Xuan Tian, you’re the only person I can trust in this palace! I can’t guarantee whether others are scheming to harm the Empress and I dare not use her life to take risks!”

Xuan Tian lamented. “Your Majesty, if the Empress could hear your words, she would definitely be content.”

The dragon-robed man bitterly smiled and shook his head. “I owe the Empress too much! The masses all say it was the Empress’s good fortune to marry the Emperor, but only I understand that it’s my good fortune marrying the Empress.”

Xuan Tian wanted to say something but at this moment, a eunuch hastily walked in and respectfully reported. “Your Majesty, the Grand Princess heard that the Ye Family’s Eldest Young Master has returned and is currently throwing a tantrum to leave the palace and look for him.”

The dragon-robed man frowned and revealed impatience. “Let her be if she wants to throw a tantrum! Ye Jingchen said long ago he won’t marry her, yet she thinks that we haven’t lost enough face and still shamelessly sticks on him.”

Furthermore, Jun Fengling’s daughter-in-law might be able to save the Empress’s life so how could he allow the royal family to find trouble for them?

Thinking it through, he was still somewhat worried and so, he instructed. “Detain the Grand Princess. Without my orders, she’s not allowed to leave the palace!”

“Obeying Your Majesty commands.” The eunuch saluted and retreated from the palace.

“Xuan Tian, you can also retreat,” the dragon-robed man waved his hands, as his expression was somewhat exhausted, “I want to accompany the Empress alone. Before the Empress’s illness improves, I will not meet anyone, especially those concubines!”

Xuan Tian cupped his fists and quietly retreated. Currently within the bedroom, only the Emperor and Empress were present…


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