Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 857 - What is Sinister? (2)

Chapter 857: What is Sinister? (2)
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Even though Ye Qi had apologized, every time she thought about her actions back then she was still filled with guilt. She felt that even if she used her entire lifetime, she wouldn’t be able to make up for her former mistakes.

“Have you hurt me before?” Yun Luofeng shot a glance at Ye Qi from the side and asked.

Ye Qi stared blankly for a moment, “That time… I scolded you.”

“But you’ve never harmed me.” The smile on Yun Luofeng’s face was languid yet bewitching, “Therefore, I’m not fond of you, but at the same time I don’t loathe you.”

Ye Qi froze. During the period she was stunned, the young lady’s figure had already walked ahead and gradually disappeared from her view. It wasn’t until this moment that Ye Qi understood the reason that Yun Luofeng did not ask Foster Mother to chase her out of the Family!

The reason was that even though she was used by Xue Rou’er at that time, she had never once harmed her. Therefore, Yun Luofeng wasn’t fond of her, but at the same time, she didn’t loathe her…

Ye Qi became increasingly ashamed and lowered her head without speaking, until the door behind her opened and she slowly recovered her senses.

“Qiqi, although Feng’er isn’t a forgiving person, that’s because she’ll never give others the opportunity to harm her,” Jun Fengling raised her hand and stroked Ye Qi’s head as she spoke, “But if one doesn’t think of harming her life, she’ll never be heartless towards them.”

The common people stated that the General Estate’s Eldest Young Miss was a dandy by nature and was vicious and merciless, but that was only because she wanted to protect herself! What wrong was there in killing to live? If others didn’t provoke her, why would she be ruthless and exterminate them?

“Foster Mother…” Ye Qi’s eyes were red as she turned toward Jun Fengling.

“You should rejoice that you’ve never had thoughts of harming her life. Otherwise, not to even mention Feng’er, even I myself wouldn’t let you off. Do you understand?” Jun Fengling’s expression suddenly became cold, and her voice no longer contained the initial gentleness.

Ye Qi once again lowered her head. “I understand…”

Between a foster daughter and a daughter-in-law, how could she not distinguish which was more of importance?

“You’re tired, return and rest.” Jun Fengling’s expression eased. “In the future, you have to get along well with Feng’er. She’s a good child and regardless of how merciless she is to her enemies, she’ll never use her sinister thoughts to harm her family.”

It’s because of this that Jun Fengling appreciated Yun Luofeng more and more.

Ye Qi no longer spoke but had acknowledged Jun Fengling’s words in her heart. Yun Luofeng would scheme when facing her enemies but she would never use it to harm her family…

The next day, a news was spread widely throughout the Imperial City.

The news was that the illegitimate child that Jun Fenglin had outside was Ye Jingchen’s biological child! All these years, his existence was kept hidden from others because Ye Jingchen wanted to protect him!

However, right now, it was rumored that the illegitimate child had returned to the Ye Family and would be holding the Blood Identification Ceremony within the next few days!

As for the news source…

It was revealed by Ye Tianlin after getting drunk, and the authenticity didn’t have to be questioned.

The entire Imperial City was engulfed by this piece of news. Whether it was the people of higher status being the royal family’s aristocrats or the people of lower status like an ordinary commoner, no one was unaware!

Once the news of the Blood Identification Ceremony was disseminated, the result was Elder Ye Xiang’s rage as he ruthlessly beat Ye Tianlin up!

As for those elders who were jackals of the same tribe with Ye Jingxuan, they did not dare to speak up for him, afraid that they would accidentally be involved with this matter.

Thus, that day, Ye Tianlin’s anguished wailing could be heard throughout the entire Ye Family.

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