Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 856 - What is Sinister? (1)

Chapter 856: What is Sinister? (1)
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In the clean and comforting wing, Jun Fengling gently shook her teacup as her seemingly heroic eyebrow slightly raised up while her face contained a smile. “Feng’er, this tea of yours is pretty good. I’ve been drinking teas for several years, and there’s no other tea that can be compared to yours.”

“If you like it, I can gift you a few catty.” Yun Luofeng’s fingers lightly tapped the table, and her eyes glistened. “In addition, there’s something you and father have to do…”

“What is the matter?” Jun Fengling looked towards Yun Luofeng in surprise and asked.

Yun Luofeng was taciturn for a long time. “The Ye Family will definitely conceal the Blood Identification Ceremony three days from now, and this doesn’t fit with my true objective.”

“You mean…” Jun Fengling seemed to understand something and her expression while looking at Yun Luofeng contained a strange radiance.

Yun Luofeng gently smiled. “I want you to use your influences and broadcast this matter out, with the more people that are aware the better! Furthermore, the responsibility for this can’t be placed on us, but instead, pushed to Ye Tianlin!”

Having heard what was said, Jun Fengling became silent, seemingly pondering about something. She only raised her head after a while and asked, “How do I go about doing this?”

“It’s simple!” A wicked smile curved upon Yun Luofeng’s face, “Ye Tianlin has a large number of rouge friends, so later on have someone disguise themselves as his acquaintance and get him drunk!”

“You’re thinking of letting him spit out the truth after getting drunk? Although this is feasible, Ye Tianlin might not speak the truth!”

“No!” Yun Luofeng slightly shook her head, “I don’t care if he spits out the truth after getting drunk. As long as you command your subordinates to make this matter well known, and tell everyone that this matter was revealed by Ye Tianlin after getting drunk, it will suffice. As for whether or not he spilled the tea, it isn’t any obstruction to my plans.”

Originally, she merely wanted Jun Fengling to disseminate this piece of news and didn’t intend to frame others, but who asked that b*stard Ye Tianlin to bump against the muzzle of their gun?

This being the case, what harm was there in presenting him with a huge gift?


This idea was too sinister!

If those old obstinate men in the Family were to believe this news was disseminated by Ye Tianlin, his days in Ye Family wouldn’t be good!

Jun Fengling was relieved that luckily Yun Luofeng was her daughter-in-law. If she were to be her enemy, then she wouldn’t know when she would fall into her trap.

“Feng’er I’ll act in accordance with your method.” Jun Fengling smiled, “That year, those people forced me out of the Ye Family and now they’re thinking of harming those close to me, so how can I forgive them?”

Concerning Yun Luofeng’s actions, Jun Fengling did not think she was wrong. If one wasn’t ruthless to their enemies, the one hurt would be themselves! Jun Fengling faintly smiled. “I will deal with this matter, so you and Xiao’er can enjoy your honeymoon at ease. If you do not wish for others to bother you, I’ll instruct them not to.”

Yun Luofeng slightly paused and nodded. “Alright.”

After she left Jun Fengling’s room, she saw Ye Qi who was standing outside the door restlessly. Seemingly sensing her appearance, a trace of embarrassment flashed on Ye Qi’s face and she lowered her head while softly saying, “Thank you… for today.”

“You don’t have to thank me,” Yun Luofeng’s tone was flat, “I merely dislike others humiliating Mother.”

“I know,” Ye Qi raised her head and her pretty pair of eyes were resolute, “But, I’d still like to thank you. After all, I treated you like that in the past…”

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