Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 855 - Interrogating with Numbers (4)

Chapter 855: Interrogating with Numbers (4)
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All the Elder’s voices were sluggish and unexpectedly, they couldn’t even come up with a word to refute him.

Ye Xiang slowly stood up. “If the common people were to know that the Ye Family made things difficult for a woman in all aspects, how do you think they would look upon us?”

His tone was still cool and indifferent as before, while his muddy eyes did not have a trace of emotion. Yet, his voice was like a sudden clap of thunder, exploding in all the Elders hearts.

“Three days later will be the Blood Identification Ceremony. Before then, I don’t wish for any huge commotion.” After speaking, Ye Xiang waved his sleeves and progressively walked out of the hall.

Following his departure, the other Elders also dispersed and a short time later, only Ye Jingxuan and his son remained in the entire hall.

“Father!” Ye Tianlin furiously spoke, “This matter of slapping myself, it was definitely a trick by Yun Luofeng.”

Ye Jingchen softly sighed. “I know.”

“Then why did you…”

“Lin’er,” Ye Jingxuan shot a glance at Ye Tianlin, “A lot of things are not as simple as you think. In the Ye Family, other than your grandfather, Elder Ye Xiang has the highest authority! Regardless of how many years I’ve tried to rope in this old man, I haven’t been successful in pulling him to my camp.”

Ye Jingxuan clenched his teeth in hatred, and his eyes were filled with a sinister look. “Furthermore, that old b*stard hates family members going against each other the most and if he complains to your grandfather, it’ll definitely incur his dissatisfaction.”

Ye Tianlin lowered his head. “Father, your son knows his mistakes.”

“Know your mistakes? Do you know where were you wrong?”

“Your son shouldn’t have opposed that b*stard child!”

“No!” Ye Jingxuan shook his head, “You’re not wrong opposing these sons and daughters of Ye Jingchen. You’re wrong in the aspect that you didn’t grasp their weak spot! As such, if you do not have a hundred percent confidence to kill them in one strike, it’s better to restrain yourself!”

All these years, it was because Ye Jingxuan didn’t have the certainty to kill Ye Jingchen and was afraid of letting Ye Jingchen wield his weak spot, thus he hadn’t taken action! If he were to do it, it must be a one-hit kill. Otherwise, he would let them continue living!

“Father, I understand.”

Ye Tianlin raised his head. “Right, what’s about the Blood Identification Ceremony Elder Ye Xiang spoke about?”

Having heard what was said, Ye Jingxuan was startled. He looked at Ye Tianlin and sighed. “There’s no harm telling you. Yun Xiao that b*stard child might be Ye Jingchen’s son.”

“What?” Ye Tianlin was shocked silly by this and reacted after a long time. He furiously spoke, “That year, it was because Uncle didn’t have a son, so the position of the Family’s head was passed on to Father. If Uncle now has a son, then…”

Ye Jingxuan chuckled and interrupted Ye Tianlin’s words.

“This isn’t a problem! Don’t forget, Jun Fengling’s son was once chased out of his family because of his inability to cultivate and is a trash through and through! Furthermore, so what if the Blood Identification Ceremony’s successful? Do you think the Ye Family will accept a trash’s existence? At that time, they definitely won’t announce to the outside world that he is not just the Ye Family’s bloodline in name, but also in reality.”

Only then did Ye Tianlin rest assured as a murky glint flashed through his eyes. One day, he would make those who bullied him extremely remorseful!

“Lin’er, remember not to make this matter public. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to wind things down,” Ye Jingxuan gravely ordered.

Ye Tianlin recovered his senses and solemnly answered, “Father, you can rest assured. I’ll definitely guard my mouth like a closed bottle and not reveal a single word outside.”


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