Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 854 - Interrogating with Numbers (3)

Chapter 854: Interrogating with Numbers (3)

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In her previous incarnation, Yun Luofeng had only lived for herself, and had never considered men as her everything! As such, she had been single in her previous world for over twenty years. Now, after having found Yun Xiao, she still didn’t regard men as her everything! She would only strive hard to grow to reach the point where she could fight alongside with him!

“Yun Xiao.” Sensing the grim aura surging forth from the man beside her, Yun Luofeng tightly held back his fists and a devilish glimmer flashed through her downcast eyes.

“Let me settle this matter.”

At least before the important figures appeared in front of them, she would never prematurely allow Yun Xiao to expose his strength…

“Everyone shut up!” Just then, a furious voice suddenly sounded, causing the noisy hall to instantly be silenced.

Ye Jingchen’s fist was clenched until sounds of cracking could be heard. His rage bubbled up from his eyes while he coldly swept his gaze over all the Elders present.

“I, Ye Jingchen, am the Eldest Young Master of Ye Family and naturally, my wife is the lady. Who gave you permission to offend her?”

“What do you mean obeying three men and the four virtues of morality? Do you think I need a subservient woman or a so-called good wife and loving mother? What I want is a confidante that’ll accompany me throughout my life!”

“In this world, Jun’er is the only person that resonates with my soul, and all of you beasts who think using your lower half will never understand this feeling in your entire life.”

Ye Jingchen was well-known for being gentle in Imperial City, yet he had been forced to get angry on the spot. It could be clearly seen to what extent these people angered him.

Yun Luofeng looked at Ye Jingchen. Regardless of the numerous old stubborn folks in this Ye Family, they had still managed to educate a person like Ye Jingcheng with such a temperament.

“Yun Xiao, it seems like I’m not required to handle these matters for Mother. With Father here, she’ll no longer suffer any grievances.”

Yun Xiao stared blankly and lowered his eyes to look at the young lady’s breathtaking face as he guaranteed while speaking every word clearly, “I will also never let you suffer grievances.”

This man didn’t speak with elegant but insincere words and didn’t even know how to smile! However, every word he spoke was earnest like this.

“Yun Xiao, when have you seen me suffering grievances?” Yun Luofeng smiled and asked.

Indeed, in all these years, she had never suffered any sort of grievances. After meeting her, the unfortunate one was always someone else and regardless of a cursing contest or a fight, she had never once lost to others!

At present Jun Fengling had also been shocked by Ye Jingchen’s abrupt anger and her pair of red phoenix eyes gazed at him in shock. All these years, it was her first time seeing this man flipping out… Yet it was so handsome that made her unable to look away.

“As long as I, Ye Jingchen am alive, don’t even think of bullying my wife!” Ye Jingchen warningly looked at those stubborn Elders. “As for the words earlier on, if I were to hear them one more time, even if I am to be disobedient to my Father, I will kill all of you one by one! Jun’er, let’s go!”

Ye Jingcheng firmly protected Jun Fengling in his embrace, and his appearance was of unswerving determination. The moment he decided to return to the Ye Family, he had sworn that he would never let his wife suffer any grievances and now, he had accomplished that!

So what if he went against the common ideology and rebelled against his Family?

In this life, there was only one person he wanted to protect!

“Elder Ye Xiang, look at Eldest Young Master…”

All the Elders looked at Ye Xiang one after another and their tone carried resentment and indignation.

“Haven’t you caused enough troubles?” Elder Ye Xiang said with indifference, “Aren’t you feeling shameful enough? Previously, Eldest Young Master had been forced out by you to Ye City. Now that he has returned with great difficulty, he still has to vie for the position with Second Young Master. Why do you still want to make things difficult for his woman and children?”

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