Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 853 - Interrogating with Numbers (2)

Chapter 853: Interrogating with Numbers (2)

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Several guards met each other’s gazes and knelt on the ground with a plop. “Elder, it was Young Master Lin who inflicted this injury on himself. We had no choice but to lie for him and we beg for Elder to spare us.”

Elder Ye Xiang’s expression gradually turned solemn as he coldly shot a glance at Ye Tianlin. “Did this happen?”

Originally, Ye Tianlin had confidently gone in numbers to attack the other party with condemnation, but after hearing Elder Ye Xiang’s words, he instantly turned limp and replied in a subservient tone, “Elder, this slut controlled my hand and made me slap myself. This is all her fault…”


A slap suddenly hit him and directly caused Ye Tianlin to be shocked silly, and he looked in astonishment at the man standing before him.

“Unfilial son!” Ye Jingxuan’s expression was extremely furious, “How did I educate you? Is this how you treat your brothers and sisters? Immediately return to your room and reflect on your errors! Without my order, you’re not allowed to step a foot out of your room!”

Ye Tianlin covered his own face, and his loathing and unresigned eyes fiercely glared at Yun Luofeng. If looks could kill, perhaps Yun Luofeng would’ve been put to death with a thousand cuts by him!

“Big Brother,” Ye Jingxuan faced Ye Jingchen and smiled, “This matter was a misunderstanding between a few of the younger generation. You’re usually reasonable, so I believe you won’t make things difficult for Lin’er because of this.”

His speech did not contain the slightest admission of error, yet insinuated that if Ye Jingchen were to hold on to this incident, then he would be an unreasonable person.

If others had heard this, they would forgive Ye Tianlin’s actions to project their magnanimity. Unfortunately, the person he was facing wasn’t an average person but instead a bad-tempered Jun Fengling along with Ye Jingchen, a maniac who was protective of his wife.

A smile emerged on Jun Fengling’s face. “What you’ve said is right. Your big brother is indeed a reasonable person!”

Ye Jingxuan smiled, Jun Fengling’s reaction was in his expectations. This woman was still the same as before. In order to obtain the Ye Family’s acknowledgment, she’d rather swallow her anger.


Suddenly, the woman’s voice changed. “It’s because your brother is reasonable that he is aware of what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, he will definitely make you give an explanation to my son and daughter-in-law!”

Ye Jingxuan’s expression turned solemn. “I addressed you as my older brother’s wife due to my big brother’s face. Otherwise, do you think that the Ye Family would acknowledge your existence? Now, I am talking with my big brother, and you have no right to interrupt.”

Ye Jingchen coldly shot him a glance, and his tone was neither hot nor cold. “She’s my wife. Her words represent my decision.”

Following Ye Jingchen’s words, the other Elders could no longer bear it and stood up, while voices of fault-finding and cursing sounded in this hall.

“Eldest Young Master, as a man, how could you comply with a woman’s words? A woman should bear in mind to obey their father, husband, and son, along with three virtues of morality! How can a woman who doesn’t abide by it have the face to remain in the Ye Family?”

“In a family, men are the ones who make the decisions and are also the heavens for a woman, yet this woman dared to even oppose the heavens! She should be arrested and taken away to be beaten to death! Yet Eldest Young Master is still so protective of her…”

Yun Luofeng subconsciously placed her hands on Jun Fengling’s shoulders and looked at the woman’s face filled with indifference and unconsciously furrowed her brows.

All these years, she had been living like that? Just because her previous marriage was unsuccessful, she had been accused by others like that? To even reprimand her while pointing directly at her nose?

On what basis could men be unfaithful yet regarded as being right and the ultimate authority, while women had to be faithful and even regard men as their everything?

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