Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 851 - Ye Qi Getting Beaten (4)

Chapter 851: Ye Qi Getting Beaten (4)

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Therefore, everyone present was shocked silly, not understanding what happened. Ye Tianlin, who was on his high horse earlier, actually admitted his mistakes?

On the entire street, it was so quiet that only the sound of Ye Tianlin slapping himself could be heard Alas, his cheeks became numb but he was unable to stop the actions of his hands…

He stood until the last slap, then his body went soft and heavily crashed on the ground.

“Young Master Lin.” The bodyguards hastily went up, thinking of supporting Ye Tianlin. However, when they came close to him they were sent flying with a slap as he furiously berated, “What were you doing earlier on? Why didn’t you pull me back?”

The guard’s voices were sluggish as they weakly replied, “Young Master, earlier on… weren’t you slapping yourself to apologize? Your subordinate assumed that you were admitting to your wrongdoings, thus…”

Ye Tianlin’s throat tightened, seemingly wanting to say something, yet unable to speak out. He stubbornly got up and fiercely glared at Yun Luofeng.

“Rotten brat, at the very least I’m the Ye Family’s legitimate Young Master, while you’re only the wife of an illegitimate child. Since you actually dared to treat me as such, I’ll definitely let you pay the price!”

As Elder Ye Xiang ordered previously, before the blood identification ceremony, this matter couldn’t be revealed and as such, even Ye Tianlin, the Young Master of Ye Family, was unaware of this.

“Let’s go.”

He waved his hands and fled in embarrassment without hesitation along with the Ye Family bodyguards.

After watching them leave, Yun Luofeng turned and looked at Yun Xiao and a smile curled up on her breathtaking face.

“Yun Xiao, let’s return.”

Yun Xiao taciturnly nodded. His grim black eyes gazed towards the direction that Ye Tianlin left, and a killing intent spontaneously emerged…

Ye Family.

In the courtyard, Ye Jingxuan was walking outside when he spotted a swollen-faced Ye Tianlin bringing a group of bodyguards and walking over in haste, and his eyebrows suddenly furrowed.

Evidently, Ye Tianlin had also discovered Ye Jingxuan, as tears of being unfairly treated overflowed. “Father, you have to back me up. That slut actually dared to beat me up, and she’s simply not putting the Ye Family in her eyes.”

Ye Jingxuan sighed. No one was clearer than him regarding his son’s personality.

Ye Tianlin and Ye Tianwen weren’t the same!

As the eldest son, Ye Tianwen’s personality was steady and firm. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten Princess Meng Yao! However, Ye Tianlin born from the same parent as Ye Tianwen was instead, a dandy man through and through. In all likelihood, he must have gone out to stir up trouble but instead had kicked an iron panel.

“Speak, who’s the slut you mentioned?”

Even though Ye Jingxuan knew it was his son who provoked others first, it didn’t mean that he would allow others to bully his son!

Ye Tianlin spoke with hatred. “Who else would it be? The woman of that bastard child, Yun Xiao!”

“What?” Ye Jingxuan’s face changed as he sternly shouted, “That slut actually dared to hit my son? Unforgivable! Lin’er, Father will invite all the elders to uphold justice for you right now, and they will definitely give you justice!”

Ye Tianlin eyes were downcast, but the corner of his eyes contained a sinister smiling intent. Regardless of that bastard child or Ye Ximo, he would make them know the result of offending him. Within this Imperial City, no one dared to oppose him!

When Ye Ximo just entered the Ye Family, he felt somewhat amiss in the surrounding atmosphere. Just when he was hesitating, a servant hastily came over and reported. “Young Master Mo, the elders are already waiting for you in the hall and have requested that you go there when you return.”

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